Rad Warrior Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
1st loading screen ERBE Software version.
Credits menu.
Controls menu.
Starting the game. Let's catch the rocks to use them as a throwing weapon.
Hum... what does that icon representing some sort of energy is supposed to be used for?
Throwing s stone to the monster. That sort of magnetic field represents something...
Too much energy wasted... one attempt is lost.
I'm using the sacred armour and recharging my energy, the interface turned magenta but I cannot lift off...
Let's find the gravitational boots to properly use ANTIRIAD.
Here they are, the gravitational boots.
Another energy icon, a battery charger for the armour.
Those monsters drop bombs.
After I've found the gravitational boots, it's time to find some sort of weapon for the armour. That guy over there looks nasty.
There are some zones which are only accessible without the armour.
Here it is the laser blaster.
New weaponry much more effective.
Another huge monster dropping bombs.
That driller is indestructible.
Gotta be cautious about these stone dragons launching bolts of fire.
Ok, the magnetic fields neutralize the armour, I have to go by my feet but there's some sort of radiation in this zone...
Have to be quick and pick that mysterious object... energy is fading away very fast.
Don't know where I'm going here...
More stone dragon heads.