Rick Dangerous Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
The first level briefing
Even at the very beginning your in great danger as your chased by a boulder
The boulder falls on the unsuspecting amazons head
Carefully time your jump
Popping a cap in his amazon ass
Rick doesn't get on well with spiky rocks
An ammo crate with either bullets or dynamite in it
These head statues on the wall spit arrows at you
The path ahead is blocked
Use a trusty stick of dynamite to clear the obstruction
You need to avoid the block and then jump on it when it comes back
The second mission briefing
The enemies here look a bit like dogs
Quickly crawl under here as the blocks slowly fall to the floor
These Egyptian heads need collecting
No Egyptian level would be complete without a sarcophagus
Carefully ride the block over the spikes
The third mission briefing
Weird dog/monkey enemies
Rescue these captured soldiers
Level 4 Briefing
Inside the secret missile silo
Crawl through the tunnel and dodge the electricity at the same time