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Video Modes Supported : VGA

Refers to the IBM Video Graphics Array, which had all of the capabilities of EGA and MCGA as well as additional video pages, "tweakable" video modes, and a 640x480x16 graphics mode.

VGA is part of the Video Modes Supported category.

You are currently viewing games for Windows 3.x that are marked as Video Modes Supported : VGA. Games for other platforms are also tracked by this attribute. You can restrict the list of games below to any of the following platforms:
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Game TitleYearsorted in ascending orderPublisher
Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail19967th Level, Inc.
Arcade America19967th Level, Inc., BMG Interactive Entertainment
Unnecessary Roughness1993Accolade, Inc.
Boong!?: Die ultimatiefe Fußballsimulation1996Anguilla Software International Ltd.
Sid Meier's Civilization1993MicroProse Software, Inc.
SimEarth: The Living Planet1990Electronic Arts, Inc., Maxis Software Inc.
Sensible Golf1994Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
AFL Finals Fever1996Cadability Interactive Digital Solutions
Les Guignols De L'Info...Le Jeu !1995Canal+Multimédia, Philips Média France
Les Guignols de l'Info: Le Cauchemar de PPD1996Canal+Multimédia, Philips Média France
Power Politics1992Cineplay Interactive, Inc.
Lost in Time1996Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Desert Storm with Coalition Command1992Compton's New Media
Beyond the Wall of Stars1992Creative Multimedia Corporation
Conqueror's Additional II1997DIGI ROM
Pirates: Captain's Quest1997Discovery Channel Multimedia, Valkieser Publishing
Connections1995Discovery Channel Multimedia
Flight Sim Toolkit1993Domark Software, Inc., Domark Software Ltd.
Beyond Time1997DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.
SimCity1992Maxis Software Inc., Maxis UK Ltd.
PGA Tour Golf1992Electronic Arts, Inc.
MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy + MegaTraveller 2: Quest for the Ancients1996Empire Interactive Europe Ltd.
Klik & Play1994Europress Software Ltd., Maxis Software Inc.
Bicycle Pinochle1997Expert Software, Inc.
Bicycle Solitaire1996Expert Software, Inc.
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