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Incentive Software Ltd.


Incentive Software was a small publisher based initially in Reading, Berkshire, UK. Founded by Ian Andrew, essentially from royalties earned by his Spectrum game Mined-Out which was published by Rod Cousens at Quicksilva.

The maddeningly playable Splat! was the first Incentive release on Spectrum and then C64. The Ket Trilogy adventure games was the next Spectrum release. Moon Cresta for Spectrum and C64 was the biggest chart hit.

Incentive was also the first industry posting for Darryl Still. He later moved on to Atari, Electronic Arts and Nvidia.

The company developed the Power Load system for the cassette duplication company Dataclone to combat piracy, also using data compression techniques to reduce the cassette’s loading time drastically.


Company location and contact number (May 1984):

Incentive Software Ltd.
54 London Street
United Kingdom

Telephone: (0734) 591678

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