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Space Station Oblivion

aka: Driller

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In this game you take control of a drilling machine and explore a 3D world, which is on the brink of exploding. Time is running out for the moon and when it blows up it will take your home planet with it.

The main idea of the game is to drill into the earth and relieve the gas build up. Your machine has a laser cannon to help fight off security lasers, you can also enter various buildings to find the gas build up. The game is divided into sectors in which you find a place to leave a vent and then proceed to the next sector. You control the machine by mouse clicking on the control panel at the bottom of the screen which also tells you the condition of the gas build up.

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Amstrad sound effects

The Amstrad version's sound effects were the result of a competition in Amstrad Action magazine.

Game versions

The game's release for Amstrad, Spectrum and C64 occured on Christmas 1987. It was quite expensive (14,95 pounds for cassette version and 17,95 pounds for disk version) but the game contained a big glossy box with a 32-page scene-setting novella and a cardboard thing which could be folded into a 3D model and could be used for mapping purposes of Miteral landscape - the moon on which Driller was set.

Amiga and Atari ST ports were done in 1988 by Sean Ellis. Thanks to "16-color screens, 32-bit arithmetic in single instructions and huge amounts of memory" the title was much more sprightly. "The data was left in the same format as before but enormous amount of RAM allowed us to do things like have better dashboard graphics, sampled sounds, and also to use more memory-intensive algorithms to trade size for more speed."


  • ACE
    • October 1988 (issue #13) - Included in the Top-100 list of 1987/1988 (editorial staff selection)
    • March 1991 (issue #42) - Included in the list Greatest Games of all Time in category Original Games (editorial staff choice)
  • Commodore Format
    • July 1993 (Issue 34) - Modern Classics: FRP & RPG
  • Computer and Video Games
    • May 1988 (Issue #79) - Golden Joystick 1988 Award: Third in category Best Original Game of the Year
    • Newsfield Reader's Awards - Best Game 1987 (readers choice)
    • Newsfield Reader's Awards - Most Imaginative Game 1987 (readers choice)
    • Newsfield Reader's Awards - Best Graphics 1987 (readers choice)
    • Newsfield Reader's Awards - Best Game Packaging 1987 (readers choice)

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