Spinnaker Software Corporation


Spinnaker Software Corporation primarily created and marketed educational games and applications during the 1980s; branched out into purely entertainment titles toward the end of the company's lifespan.

In February 1994 the company merged with WordStar International and SoftKey Software Products, Inc. to form the new company SoftKey International.


Paint School II(1997)
Paint School I(1997)
Alice in Wonderland(1992)
Laser Lords(1992)
Sargon Chess(1991)
Scoop, The(1989)
Stargoose Warrior(1989)
Sargon 4(1988)
Sargon III(1987)
Karate Chop(1987)
Sargon II(1987)
Sky Runner(1987)
ACE: Air Combat Emulator(1986)
Major League Manager(1986)
Strike Force: Cobra(1986)
Invaders of the Lost Tomb(1986)
Ardok the Barbarian(1986)
Dark Tower(1986)
Nine Princes in Amber(1985)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder(1985)
Wizard of Oz, The(1985)
Sum Ducks(1985)
Fahrenheit 451(1984)
President's Choice(1984)
Sea Speller(1984)
Learn to Add(1984)
ALF in the Color Caves(1984)
Adventure Creator(1984)
Fraction Fever(1983)
Kids on Keys(1983)
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing(1983)
Alphabet Zoo(1983)
Snooper Troops: Case #2 - The Case of the Disappearing Dolphin(1982)
Snooper Troops(1982)
Story Machine(1982)


Spinnaker's game Star Tribes: Myth of the DragonLord has been advertised in early 1990, but was never released (it had a full-page advertisement in Computer Gaming World #69, p.17). The game was described as a "futuristic role-playing adventure of epic proportions" featuring "dazzling clay animation characters" and "incredible graphics".

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