Strategy First, Inc.


Strategy First Inc. is a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC. Founded in 1990, the company has grown rapidly, publishing major games in the industry and simultaneously developing its own in-house titles such as O.R.B., Disciples II, Nexagon: The Pit and Zero-G Marines. After winning numerous awards for games such as Disciples: Sacred Lands, Europa Universalis, Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Steel Beasts, Strategy First continues to push the gaming envelope with its own groundbreaking titles, while maintaining its reputation as a unique alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a worldwide audience.


Tank Warfare: El Guettar(2017)
Tank Warfare: Operation Pugilist(2017)
Tank Warfare: Longstop Hill(2017)
Squadron: Sky Guardians(2017)
Devil in the Capital(2017)
Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943(2017)
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity(2017)
Bad Rats Show(2016)
Get Over Here(2015)
Graviteam Tactics: Krasnaya Polyana 1943(2014)
Over The Void(2014)
Graviteam Tactics: Shield of the Prophet(2014)
Graviteam Tactics: Operation Hooper(2014)
Helicopter Strike Force(2014)
Hunters of the Dead(2014)
Graviteam Tactics: Shilovo 1942(2014)
Graviteam Tactics: Zhalanashkol 1969(2014)
A Vampyre Story(2014)
Graviteam Tactics: Sokolovo 1943(2014)
Graviteam Tactics: Volokonovka 1942(2014)
Rocko's Quest(2014)
Robin's Quest: A Legend Born(2014)
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse(2014)
Avoid: Sensory Overload(2014)
FlatOut 2(2014)
Timelines: Assault on America(2013)
Anmynor Puzzles(2013)
Paper Monsters(2012)
Deep Black(2012)
Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star(2012)
FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction(2011)
FlatOut: Complete Pack(2011)
Jagged Alliance Compilation(2011)
Creed Arena(2010)
Airport Control Simulator(2010)
Razor2: Hidden Skies(2010)
Strategy First Complete Pack 2010(2010)
Ankh: Battle of the Gods(2010)
Red Shark(2010)
Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games(2010)
Jagged Alliance(2010)
Inlaws, The(2010)
9th Company: Roots of Terror(2009)
SFI Mission 4/Pack(2009)
Strategy First Complete Pack 2009(2009)
Valkyrie: Ascension to the Throne(2009)
Ankh: Heart of Osiris(2009)
SlamIt Pinball: Big Score(2009)

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Company location and contact information (2009):

Strategy First
147 St. Paul West
Suite 210
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 1Z5

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