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Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.


Tokuma Shoten Informedia, known as TIM for short, was a publishing label of big publishing house Tokuma Shoten. Starting in 1985 with the Family Computer Magazine and Technopolis magazines, it was a strong pretender to Ascii's throne in the games magazine market. The company was reabsorbed into the main Tokuma Shoten in 2000, after most of its gaming titles had been suspended.

Apart from the main business of magazine publishing, Tokuma also published some games. For consoles, the TIM label was used, whereas home computers were served by Technopolis Soft (later known as Game Technopolis).

Also Known As

  • Tokuma Shoten Intermedia Inc. -- Former company name


In the early nineties, Tokuma actually managed to register the words "bishōjo games" and "bishōjo soft" as trademarks. It has since relinquished the rights to the former expression, but not to the latter.

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