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Enterbrain, Inc.

Also Known As +

  • ASCII Visual Entertainment Co., Ltd. (from 1987-01-30 to 2000-03-31)

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Enterbrain Inc is a Japanese media company that was founded as an offspring of the ASCII Corporation in Japan. It focuses on publishing magazines and books about console games, most notably the Weekly Famitsu, but is also involved in the publishing and development of several games and game creation tools like the RPG Maker series.

Enterbrain also offers a wide variety of business services, including broadcasting services, copyright management, mobile phone web services, game market tracking and international licensing.

227 Games Released (1997 - 2023)

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Pandora (2023 on Windows, Linux, Macintosh)
To the Stars (2023 on Windows)
Super Hero Flash Fist (2023 on Windows)
Under the Sky World (2023 on Windows)
The Forest of Drizzling Rain (2022 on Macintosh, Windows)
Everdine: A Lost Girl's Tale (2022 on Windows)
The Adventures of Micoco (2022 on Windows)
Intrusion of Alice (2022 on Windows)
Omni Magic! (2022 on Windows)
Daguri: Gambling Apocalypse (2022 on Windows)
Slaves (2022 on Windows)
Tower of Ardia (2022 on Windows)
Letina's Odyssey (2022 on Windows)
Kris & City of Pleasure (2022 on Windows)
The Claws of Blood (2022 on Windows)
Anolock (2022 on Windows)
Exiori (2022 on Windows)
Momo's Conflict (2022 on Windows)
Kiara: The Knight of Icicles (2022 on Windows)
Hanaja's Body (2022 on Windows)

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History +

January 30th, 1987

Company founded.

April 1st, 2000

Company established as a subsidiary of ASCII Corporation.

January 28th, 2004

Enterbrain became part of the Kadokawa Group of companies.

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