David Govett

Also Known As

  • David Gomett
  • Dave Govett
  • Dave Govet

Game Credits


The 7th Guest (1993)   (Camera)


Piglet's Big Game (2003)   (Music Composed by)
Mike's Monstrous Adventure (2002)   (Gigasampler arrangements by)
Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 (1998)   (Music)
Jane's Combat Simulations: U.S. Navy Fighters... (1996)   (Music)
1830: Railroads & Robber Barons (1995)   (Composer)
Marine Fighters (1995)   (Music)
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo (1995)   (Music Composed and Performed by Team Fat)
Shannara (1995)   (Music)
Star Trek: Judgment Rites (Limited CD-ROM Collecto... (1995)   (Music)
This Means War! (1995)   (Sound Effects (by Team Fat))
Zhadnost: The People's Party (1995)   (Drums)
Dangerous Streets & Wing Commander (1994)   (Soundtrack by)
Master of Magic (1994)   (Composer)
Super Wing Commander (1994)   (Music)
U.S. Navy Fighters (1994)   (Music and Sound)
Wing Commander / Wing Commander II (Special CD-ROM... (1994)   (Music)
The 7th Guest (1993)   (Music Composed and Produced by)
Master of Orion (1993)   (Music Composer)
MicroLeague Football 2 (1993)   (Music and Sound Composition)
Rules of Engagement 2 (1993)   ("Federated Worlds" theme composed by)
Star Trek: Judgment Rites (1993)   (Music From Star Trek: 25th Anniversary)
Tony La Russa Baseball II (1993)   (Original Music)
Unlimited Adventures (1993)   (Music)
Castles II: Siege & Conquest (1992)   (Introduction Music by)
The Dark Queen of Krynn (1992)   (Music by)
Mario Teaches Typing (1992)   (Music)
MicroLeague Baseball IV (1992)   (Music and Sound Composition)
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992)   (Music)
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (1992)   (Music)
Castles (1991)   (Music )
Death Knights of Krynn (1991)   (Music )
Pools of Darkness (1991)   (Music)
Rules of Engagement (1991)   (Music)
Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi (1991)   (Music)
Wing Commander (1990)   (Soundtrack by)
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions (1990)   (Audio Artists)
Maniac Mansion (1987)   (Original Music)


This Means War! (1995)   (The All American Generic Soldier Squadron)

Developer Biography

Currently working for Nemesys Software, makers of Gigasampler. Previously worked for Fat Labs.

Last updated: Sep 04, 2000