Dunjonquest series

Group Description

The Dunjonquest games contain the early graphical fantasy role-playing games made by Automated Simulations under the label Epyx, starting in 1979. The Dunjonquest series of games ends in 1983 with Gateway to Apshai which was developed by The Connelly Group.

The games in this group consist of two trilogies (Temple of Apshai and Hellfire Warrior), where the sequels were add-ons for the original game, and of three only loosely related games (Datestones of Rhyn, Morloc's Tower and Sorcerer of Siva).

Two other early Epyx rpgs, Sword of Fargoal and Dragon's Eye, should not be considered as Dunjonquest games as they were never advertised by Epyx as such.

Selected Covers

Dunjonquest: Curse of Ra DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Dunjonquest: Curse of Ra

Selected Screenshots

Ingame screenshot of level 3
Screenshot from Dunjonquest: Curse of Ra
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