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Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of Apshai

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Upper Reaches of Apshai is an expansion module for Temple of Apshai, featuring a new dungeon (four levels with 150 rooms), and even something like a background story: You have to discover the secrets of Benedict's monastery and the cottage of Merlis the Mage.

Otherwise, gameplay is pretty much the same and resembles other graphical Roguelikes / mainframe DND-Clones: You're in control of a solo character, running through a dungeon, killing monster, getting experience, evading traps and finding treasures.

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Credits (Apple II version)

13 People

Dunjon Design and Description
Development and Editing
APPLE Graphics
Typesetting and Printing
  • Scribner Graphic Press Inc.
  • Mountain View CA




Every room is numbered, and has a description in the manual about smell, sounds, wind etc. Rogue's dungeons are randomly generated. Apshai's were designed. This is reflected in the room descriptions.

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