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X-COM series

Group Description

MicroProse's series of human "eXtraterrestrial COMbat units" fighting against alien invaders, initially in turn-based tactical squad combat on land and underwater, and eventually in other gameplay styles and environments and from other perspectives.

The last game in the series was X-COM: Enforcer in 2001. The series was revived in April 2010 when 2K Games announced a new title based on the franchise.

Selected Covers

X-COM: Apocalypse DOS Front Cover
Front cover for X-COM: Apocalypse

Selected Screenshots

Splash screen
Screenshot from X-COM: Apocalypse
Main Menu
Screenshot from X-COM: Enforcer
Title screen
Screenshot from Em@il Games: X-COM
Mech soldier in overwatch. Spanish version
Screenshot from XCOM: Enemy Within