Metaltech: Battledrome Credits


ProducerMark Crowe
Lead ProgrammerTim Gift
ProgrammingJeon Rezvani
Game DesignDavid Selle, Tim Gift
Art DirectionMark Crowe
3D Simulation ArtistDamon Mitchell
Audio DirectorJan Paul Moorhead
Original MusicChristopher Stevens, Timothy Steven Clarke
Sound FXKen Rogers
Additional ProgrammingNels Bruckner, James Domico, Miles Smith
Additional ArtMark Peasley
Voice Talent CoordinatorSher Alltucker
Voice TalentEd Raggozino, Sher Alltucker
QA ManagerDavid Steele
Lead TesterJohn Wolf
TestersGerald Azenaro, Daniel Hinds, James Domico, Christopher K. Singleton
Additional TestingJan Carpenter
WritersNeal Hallford, David Selle, Gregory Rucka, Kurt Weber
Manual DesignCameron Mitchell
Manual LayoutCameron Mitchell, Sue Roberts
Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
Box DesignMark Crowe
3D Cover ArtBruce Powell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (23935)