Fisherman's Bait: A Bass Challenge

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Le jeu retransmet plutôt bien les sensations de ce passe-temps grâce au Dual Schock et utilise les deux joystick (comme Ape Escape). Les espèces de poissons sont variées mais une seule peut être pêchée, débile ! De plus la réalisation technique est vraiment médiocre et l'intérêt assez limité puisque le leurre ne peut être suivi que dans une petite fenêtre. De ce fait la possibilité de repérer les poissons tout en pêchant devient quasi nulle.
Fisherman's Bait started off entertaining enough, but quickly started to spiral downward to the point of boredom. This would not be a bad game to rent for a night, but after that you will have had enough. I am sorry, but I just need more of a challenge. This game is about as challenging as the old fishing game we used to play at our elementary school carnival. You know, where there is a partition set up and there is a person standing behind and a little kid throws his line over the wall and the person behind the wall ties a prize on the end of the line. I don't want the prize tied to the end of my line.
While Fisherman's Bait is a reasonably fun game, it really isn't worth more than a rental to most. However, if you latched onto the arcade version, or if fishing games are just your bag, then by all means, pick it up.
Malgré tous ses défauts, Fisherman's Bait reste un bon jeu de pêche qui aurait pu bénéficier d'un peu plus d'attention au niveau graphique. La simulation en elle-même est bien faite et l'utilisation de la Dual Shock est très conseillée. Si vous avez la possibilité de l'essayer, ne vous en privez pas.
Fisherman’s Bait will soon become tiresome. On the plus side, there are six different types of fish, all of which can be viewed in the Live Pool and animate beautifully in the cut-scene struggle as you real them in, a welcome two-player mode and four modes of play. This isn’t the greatest fun we’ve ever had with our rods in hand, but it’s still a relaxing and welcome alternative to beat-’em-ups and racing games.
As an arcade game, sure, I'd spend fifty cents to see if I can land a huge bass or catfish. But to have this game in your permanent PlayStation library? Well, that's just plain stupid.