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Arcade shoot 'em up in your living room Genesis BeaconBlue (17)

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Arcade 2 3.8
Genesis 7 4.0
SEGA CD 3 4.3
SNES 4 3.8
Combined User Score 16 4.0

Critic Reviews

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SNESGamePro (US)
No arms controls here! If you have any qualms at all about guns, the life-sized, plastic .357 magnum replica will be unnervingly realistic, but...well, you wouldn't even be reading this. If you dig a good gun game, Lethal Enforcers aims to please.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Excellent! Plays just like the arcade game. Can't think of having more fun without rubber chickens. An improvement over the Genesis version. You can choose levels, from missions 1 through 6. Watch the glass break and the bullets spray.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Although this game is inherently violent and may not be suitable for younger children, it's one of the best shooting games available for any home system. Fans of the arcade game won't be disappointed. Take aim at Lethal Enforcers for on-target fun!
Shoot,shoot. Kill,kill. If this sounds like fun, pick up your firearm here. In fact, the light gun comes bundled with this sharp-shootin' CD.
SEGA CDPower Unlimited
Lethal Enforcers is een ware must voor schietgrage ordebewaarders. De actie is dope en de graphics zijn al net zo geweldig. Natuurlijk slaat de verveling wel snel toe, zoals bij de meeste andere lightgun games.
GenesisGame Players
Robberies, hijacking, drugs - now this is gaming! A faithful adaptation of the arcade hit with terrific digitized graphics and it's own gun. Kill, kill, kill!
SEGA CDSega-16.com
All in all, Lethal Enforcers is one of the finest shooting games ever made. It's the predecessor to games like Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, and House of the Dead, without it, these games simply would not exist. The game is simply amazing; the graphics are stunning, and the sound is amazing.
In the end, Lethal Enforcers is a nice game to be had cheap, but it's often too difficult in some places. The fact that it's hard to shoot enemies when they are in the left or right corners might just leave a bad taste in the mouths of many a gamer, but if you want to feel like Sonny Crocket, Dirty Harry, or Charles Bronson, then pop this one in and start blasting the bad guys to hell.
SNESAll Game Guide
Lethal Enforcers is a great game, one of the best to come along for the SNES.
SEGA CDThe Video Game Critic
I really like the game's "Starsky and Hutch" style soundtrack, and unlike the Genesis version, the sound effects and voices are crystal clear. Even the load times are minimal - in fact I barely noticed them at all. It's hardly a mandatory upgrade from the Genesis version, but if you have the choice, this Lethal Enforcers has the edge.
SEGA CDElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Having played the arcade version of Lethal Enforcers, I expected the home version to be just like it and that's exactly what it is --- a mediocre game that is only fun after a hard day's work because you get to shoot people. The different guns, like the Magnum and the machine gun are great ways to mow down criminals. The light gun that comes with the game is very accurate. It's just a fun game.
ArcadeAll Game Guide
Overall, this game is okay, but there's nothing unique separating it from the hordes of other games just like it out there. Even if the game play was better, I still don't think it's a game I'd search out to play. Most arcades have at least one of the incarnations of this sort of game, so if you don't find this one you'll probably see another which will play just like it.
SNESHigh Score
Gillar man att skjuta prick är det här spelet ett måste. Det medföljer en pistol att skjuta mot TV:n med.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Konami did a very good job of translating this to the Super NES system, but the game's brutal theme has been toned way, way down. What we are left with is still a good game, but it just doesn't have the flavor of the arcade.
GenesisJust Games Retro
I'd nearly forgotten about this game until I saw Heat again this weekend, and was reminded of two travesties. First, I still don't own Heat, and I don't know why. Second, I'd forgotten about one of my favorite arcade games. I played this game religiously when it was released in the local arcade. I vaguely remember spending a good weekend trying to get it to work with MAME a few years ago, failed, got frustrated, and apparently banished it to the Phantom Zone.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Occasionally an innocent civilian or cop will leap out, and once you get that itchy trigger finger, it's hard to avoid shooting them. Certain stages feature shootouts in moving vehicles like sport cars, vans, and subway cars. I really like how snipers fall from windows, tires can be shot out, and some thugs pretend to be innocent civilians. It's too bad you can't shoot up the scenery in general. Your targets are slightly randomized, but it still feels like the same experience each time through. Lethal Enforcers' up-tempo music sounds like something from a 1970's era cop show. The worst aspect of the game is how unforgiving it is. Unless you complete a stage in a nearly flawless manner, you'll be told, "Too many mistakes - reloading same mission." As one of the few light gun games for the Genesis, Lethal Enforcers is still a good time, but only when taken in small doses.
SEGA CDPlayer One
Pas la peine d'y aller par quatre chemins : Lethal Enforcer ne vaut pas grand-chose ! Tout d'abord, avec trois sprites à l'écran, on se tape de ces ralentissements ! Ensuite, l'animation est proche du zéro pointé et, en plus, l'intérêt du soft ne vous tiendra en haleine, au mieux, que cinq minutes.
SEGA CDDefunct Games
There is also a two player mode in Lethal Enforcers, but this mode makes the game far too easy. Chances are once you've beaten the game once or twice you won't play the game much more anyway, so maybe the difficulty is inconsequential. Either way, Lethal Enforcers is a good port of an arcade game, but not a very good overall game. Keep the light gun in the arcade where it belongs.