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About Me:

My name is Guilherme Chirinéa, but you can call me Gui (as in Guinness).

My first console was, as for many other 80s' boys in Brazil, an Atari 2600. My first computer was a TK-85 (a Sinclair ZX81 clone), bought a couple of years after the Atari. I still own both of them. From the 80s up to 1995, I was primarily a console gamer (from the Atari 2600 to a NES clone and then to the Mega Drive). Things changed when I bought my fist PC in 1995, a then incredibly new Pentium 75MHz with 8MB of RAM. From then on, I endured PC gaming avidly. In 1999, when I first got in touch with the internet, I've acquired the bad habits of emulation and abandonware. I'm one of those gamers who can see beauty in 8-bit graphics.

MobyGames was a natural consequence of my oldies-craving disease. I started contributing to the site late in 2002 (in a shy way), despite of being around earlier. I just became really addicted to contributing after graduating from university ("an idle mind is a devil's workshop"), and from then on I've been a MobyZombie.

If things continue the way they are now, my epitaph will probably read:

Here lies < moby user="chirinea">Guilherme Chirinéa< /moby>

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