Rogue Screenshots

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Amiga version

Title screen
In the dungeon
Better than ASCII?
Nice menu
Fight with an ice monster
Hall of fame

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Enter rogue's name
Main menu
Starting location
I beat a hobgoblin and found a green potion
I found 42 gold pieces
I have uncovered a lot of the dungeon.

Android version

Start menu
Starting a new game
Ending a new game

Atari 8-bit version

Loading screen
Title screen and enter player name
Starting location. Already, I am being attacked.
I found 98 gold pieces.
Some stairs going down.

Atari ST version

A flashy title screen for this graphical version of Rogue.
Welcome to the Dungeons of Doom, mortal!
The in-game credits. Starring... yourself!
Found the steps to the next level, as well as a magic potion.
Item management is icon- and windows-based, with some kind of early context menu.
As in the original, you can rename items of a certain type to recall the effects.
A hobgoblin, guarding some gold. Hobgoblins are dangerous, but only for beginners.
Finally, I can see what a Kestral looks like. It's some kind of eagle!
Reached a new rank. I'm a "Guild Novice" now, so you better watch out!
Truer to the original, you can also play the game on this map that shows a whole level.
Entering a dark room. It's not what you think! Your sight is limited, but it doesn't involve any sinful acts.
Ouch! That hobgoblin has injured me! Luckily, it's not critical. Hitpoints are not shown as numbers anymore, but rather as bars.
One of the rare treasure rooms, filled not only with treasure, but also with hordes of monsters. Can I hack them all to pieces?
I can, and now I found a strange scroll. Hoo, let's try it out!
Hmmm... it's a scroll of wild magic. I wonder what it does...
Whatever it did, it didn't help me. Game Over...

Commodore 64 version

Title screen and enter player name
Welcome to the Dungeon of Doom
I found 74 gold pieces.
A monster!

DOS version

Title screen
Title and credits screen
Reloading your game doesn't erase the threat that Hobgoblin poses!
A wand, a scroll, and some gold. Today must be my lucky day.
Hey, who turned out the lights?
Mapping a dungeon is easy once you've been there
Another lone adventurer bites the dust...
Guide to on-screen icons
Some of the available commands
Your inventory, late in the game. Note that most of the magical items are unidentified.
Sometimes the game will generate a treasure room.
Not only the monsters may kill you... death of starvation may get you even a few steps from successful return from the dungeon...

Linux version

Exploring the first floor. About to fight a Kestrel (K)
Continuing to explore. Just found an Emu
Taking inventory. I have one unknown scroll.
Testing out the scroll while fighting a Hobgoblin maybe wasn't the wisest choice. I fell asleep!
My inventory has expanded
Exploring floor 3. I'm getting hungry.

Macintosh version

Title screen
Game start
Wandering around

TRS-80 CoCo version

Intro screen in 40 columns - the default
Intro screen in 80 columns - what one would use with an RGB monitor
Game play in 40 columns - one has scrolling messages, and scrolling through the map. The Coco version could run in a windows as small a 28x12 characters...
Game play in 80 columns - hardware text mode. If you had 128K, this is the only way to play 80 columns...
Your object's in hardware text mode
Your object's in hi-res graphics mode... you needed at least 256K RAM for this mode
Game play in the hi-res graphics mode
The high score list is somewhat truncated in 40 columns...
The full hi-score screen (80 column)
Oops... I died.

ZX Spectrum version

Enter rogue's name
Found gold
Time to sleep

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