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SeaQuest DSV

SeaQuest DSV SNES Title Screen


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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 3 4.1
SNES 3 4.2
Combined User Score 6 4.2

Critic Reviews

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SNESGame Players
Here's the way it is - you've already blown up the desert, jungle and city in the Strike series. You may have even found and been healed by Elvis in Las Vegas. So what's left for hot search and destroy action? You could wait for Farm Strike to plow it's way onto your system of choice or you could fish around for the underwater action of SeaQuest. You won't be disappointed!
GenesisGame Players
It should be said that, in all fairness, the SNES version both looked and played better than this one. The differences are minor - subtle differences in control and the graphics aren't as colorful - by they don't spoil the game at all. If you have a choice, pick up the SNES cart, but the Genesis version is still full of undersea goodness.
SNESAll Game Guide
In this game you won't find any of the human crew members from the television series, but it's cool that you can guide Darwin the dolphin during certain missions. He is smoothly animated and fun to control. It's probably a good thing the makers of seaQuest DSV didn't incorporate the likenesses of Roy Scheider or any of the other actors from the television show; it would've probably looked kind of cheesy, taking away from the professional, finely detailed look of this quality title.
SNESGamePro (US)
Fans of the show have a perfect, excitement-packed game. Gamers looking for something new in an adventure game will also appreciate the original, varied gameplay. Things are definitely hotter under the water with this cart.
SNESVideo Games
Solche schwierigen Spiele sind selten geworden, aber sie sind noch zu haben, Wer ohnehin denkt, die heutigen Videospiele seien viel zu einfach, sollte sich Seaquest DSV unbedingt anschauen, denn unspielbar ist es keineswegs! Man lernt nach jedem gescheiterten Versuch immer dazu. Alle anderen werden lediglich ein paar ärgerliche Stunden damit verleben.
GenesisVideo Games
Obwohl sich die Mega Drive-Version inhaltlich nicht wesentlich von der Super Nintendo-Variante unterscheidet, läßt sich nicht verschweigen, daß hier durch die Mega Drive-typische Grafik ein ganz anderer Eindruck vom Spiel entsteht. Sie sieht zwar immer noch recht gut aus, wirkt jedoch ein wenig hell und flach. Man hat einfach nicht mehr das prickelnde Gefühl, tief unten am Meeresboden herumzumanövrieren. Die meisten Stages wirken einfach luft- bzw. wasserleer und trocken. Was jedoch geblieben ist, sind die unsagbar schweren Missionen, die man erst nach und nach meistern kann. Für jemanden, dem die heutigen Videospeiele zu einfach erscheinen, ist dies genau das richtige. Die Missionen sind abwechslungsreich und an manchen Stellen sogar tierisch gemein.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
SeaQuest DSV for the SNES is a godsend for fans of the show, but it'll have to work really hard to get some cross-over appeal going on. Not a bad game by any means, just a bit tedious at times, but cool graphics don't make up for boredom.
SNESEntertainment Weekly
The key difference between the Steven Spielberg-produced series and the game: You can watch the show for free but you've got to shell out about 65 bucks for the cartridge.
All of this is a shame because the graphics are rather nice and you get to use the expected vehicles and extras, including Darwin the Dolphin - but it's all just too little of too much to do SeaQuest justice.
SNESJust Games Retro
In the end, the SNES version of SeaQuest DSV is a case of good concepts and bad design. To be clear, the more grating aspects of the missions will still be completely present in the Genesis version, but the inability to restore your progress in the SNES version makes the challenge level simply absurd. It’s naturally the more colorful version, and the interplay between ships to solve puzzles is certainly neat, but the extreme trial and error required just doesn’t make this much fun.