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SNESElectronic Games (Jan, 1994)
Attractive female caddies accompany the players on full-round play and offer advice and the occasional comment. Remarks like "Keep your eye on the ball" are dumb for a video game but it's really nice to get one like "Sweet drive - did you ever think of going on tour?"
With six different play modes and customizable golfers, playing the Devil's Open will be a trip to hell and back that you'll definitely want to take.
SNESGamePro (US) (Nov, 1993)
If you're bored with the conventional golf carts on the market and you want great graphics and a challenging course, then Wicked 18 should be a stop on your golf tour.
Golf isn't exactly my favorite sport, but this cart does have some game play to offer fans of this sport. The graphics aren't as great as some of the famous computer versions, but the options and strategy are all present to make it fun for golf enthusiasts. This game may not win you over to golf, but if you're into this type of sport, this is a good cart to give you some at-home practice on this expensive sport.
SNESGame Players (May, 1994)
Still, the uniqueness of the course makes Wicked 18 fun to try out. Once you've learned the techniques needed to maintain a low score, however, you may search elsewhere for greener grass.
3DOGamesCollection (Aug 22, 2008)
Un gioco fantasioso minato in parte da errori di programmazione che rendono l'approcio iniziale ostico. Il divertimento stenta a salire, lasciando troppo rapidamente spazio alla noia. Se amate il golf probabilmente gli offrirete un'occasione in più per convincervi; peccato che i suestesi difetti non permettano di portare a termine il percorso con risultati decorosi, ma la pratica ed un po' di perseveranza potrebbero regalare soddisfazioni in termini di risultati.Un titolo diverso dal solito, comunque dotato di un suo fascino Trash tipico dei prodotti 3DO. Ci riprovo..maledetto Devil's Open!!
Hmmm, what is this all about? I'm not into golf games, but I'd rather play decent ones. The strange and bizarre courses are very neatly rendered, but this is just too weird for my blood. I believe in realistic views, but this doesn't have them at all. The animations of golfers hitting and his caddy looking behind him are nicely done, but this bizarre game doesn't appeal to me at all.
40 (Jan 21, 2013)
This is one golf game that I’d bet any amount of cash that no one could ever finish the entire course under par, no matter how hard they try. The only way I could possibly recommend Devil’s Course is if you’re a fan of chip tunes or 16-bit music, since this game really doesn’t have much more to offer. That being said, I still don’t hate it by any means, and it’s not the game’s fault. The programmers did an admirable job with what they had, but a game like this would never work properly on the system. It’s just a shame they didn’t wait to program it for the 32X, and it would have been even better on the Saturn or Playstation. As it stands, fans of 16-bit golf gaming need to look elsewhere for their fix.
SNESVideo Games (Apr, 1994)
Der Versuch, aus der ruhigen Rasensportart ein Actionspektakel zu machen, ging gründlich in die Hose. Lassen sich weite Abschläge noch halbwegs plazieren, treibt's Euch beim Putten die Wut ins Gesicht: Der Ball springt in Zeitlupe durchs Gelände wie ein Grashüpfer im Mondstaub. Die 3D-Polygongrafik beeindruckt zwar auf den ersten Block, gaukelt Euch aber einen völlig falschen Eindruck von Entfernungen vor. Außerdem bewegt sie sich entsetzlich langsam und ruckartig. Die spinnerten Kurse wären ja originell, wären sie nicht so unspielbar und würden sie einen nicht immer wieder in Situationen treiben, bei denen nur noch "Quit Game" bleibt. Alles in allem spielt der Zufall meist eine größere Rolle als Augenmaß und Übung.
3DOThe Video Game Critic (Apr 11, 2002)
Compared to Pebble Beach Golf, I'd say this game takes one step forward and two steps back.