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This game could have been an episode of the real television show. Windows Jeanne (76590)
More fun than watching an episode. PlayStation MAT (179127)
A great live-action FMV game. Windows Simon SŠkafar (69)
A very good adventure game Windows James1 (247)
Atmospheric to say the least! The game just pulls you in! PlayStation Gary Mee (1)

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MacintoshAbout This Particular Macintosh (Aug, 1998)
The X-Files game is an excellent game that will please both fans of the show and fans of the Myst-type games. Granted, the Myst fans may not get some of the jokes, but they will enjoy the game. The X-Files fans will enjoy this game because it holds true to the series.
WindowsScience Fiction Weekly (Aug 26, 2002)
The X-Files Game tells the story of Seattle FBI Agent Craig Willmore (Williams) and his encounter with the paranormal. Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder have gone missing from the Seattle area, and Willmore is assigned to find them, with the help of Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). The investigation begins at the motel where the two missing agents were last seen, and it progresses (through seven CD-ROMs) deeper and deeper into strangeness, paranoia and danger.
PlayStationGamer's Pulse (Jan 15, 2000)
While most of this puts The X-files in a bad light, I must emphasize that this is only out of a familiarity with the series itself. Most of the problems pointed out would have little or no affect on an unacquainted player, though there isn't much of a chance that someone who doesn't know what the X-files is, or even worse doesn't like the X-files, would be playing this. The developers, industry veterans Hyperbole Studios, have been creating interactive movies for years and have done many excellent, though severely under-rated games, such as Quantum Gate. Despite their minor betrayals to the mechanics of the series this is an excellent work, and possibly one of their best.
WindowsPelit (Aug, 1998)
X-Files - The Gamen vahvuus piileekin siinä, että se tuntuu yhtäaikaa sekä peliltä että tv-sarjan jaksolta. Tällaisia niiden kovasti mainostettujen "interaktiivisten elokuvien" pitääkin olla! Vaikka teknisiltä ratkaisuiltaan peli ei ylläkään jonkun Bladerunnerin tasolle, se on kuitenkin sisällöltään niin huolella ja taitavasti suunniteltu, että se pärjäisi omillaankin ilman X-Files-lisenssiä, Mulderia ja Scullya.
WindowsJust Games Retro (Oct 07, 2007)
Even if you're not interested in, or have no prior knowledge of, The X-Files, the investigation as a whole comes off as a well-made and realistic detective adventure. You should certainly prepare for the spooky and the paranormal, but none of the topics change how you control the game and unravel the well-planned mystery. Bonus points if you're either a fan of adventure games or a fan of the show. Worthy companion of the show, interesting story, and one of the few titles out there that does FMV right.
WindowsEntertainment Weekly (Jun 19, 1998)
The most rousing X-Files summer diversion may not be the movie: This 7-CD adventure lets players act out their own episode and rub elbows with video versions of stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. You are Craig Willmore, a fellow FBI agent assigned to collaborate with Scully and Mulder on a typically byzantine case. Lavish production values plus input from X-Files creator Chris Carter make for a first-rate effort, though the typical click-and-ye-shall-find approach results in an interactive experience as aloof as FBI boss Skinner.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Jul 01, 1998)
Conclusie: X-Files - The game loste in ieder geval mijn verwachtingen in. Wie dit spel koopt zal een pareltje in zijn bezit hebben dat baadt in de typische X-Files sfeer. De spelomgeving is afwisselend humoristisch, akelig en geheimzinnig. De echte fans mogen dit in ieder geval niet missen. Het enige minpunt dat ik heb kunnen ontdekken is de lineariteit van het verhaal. Mijn geld zal in ieder geval over de toonbank rollen eenmaal dit spel bij de softwareboer verkrijgbaar is!
WindowsImperium Gier (Dec 04, 1998)
Mogę to uczciwie powiedzieć, choć nie jestem zbyt dużym maniakiem X-Files, gra wciągnęła mnie od pierwszego momentu i zabrała mi wiele godzin z życia, ale jestem strasznie zadowolony i przyznaję jej 10/10 punktów. Nie oszczędzajcie kasy, w zamian za którą dostaniecie 7 płyt CD i wiele godzin dobrej rozrywki.
WindowsGambler (Sep, 1998)
X-Files jest bardzo przyzwoitą grą przygodową. Może trochę staroświecką, może za mało rozbudowaną, ale na pewno dobrze wykonaną.
MacintoshMac Addict (Sep, 1998)
While flawed, The X-Files game satisfies both hard-core fans and newcomers and delivers the promised immersion into the X-Files universe. All players should find it a rousing good time—a very smart game with plenty of action and mental challenges.
MacintoshMacNN (Sep 06, 1998)
Fox Interactive has evidently worked very hard to bring their TV series, movie and now game together in harmony. In the game you'll find familiar characters, hints of a new season, and the chance to work along side Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. For fans of the X-Files, purchasing this game is no brainer; but any other fan of role playing, FMV, or adventure/mystery games will also be impressed with it.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1998)
The X-Files Game is a slick production: it succeeds in capturing the look and feel of the TV show, and it brings together most of the show's regular players. Dedicated 'X-philes' will probably want to snap this game up, though in the end they might be somewhat disappointed at how small a part the show's regular cast members play in the game. They may also find the game design slightly 'underdone': while the game does a decent job of balancing video clips and gameplay, the puzzle elements are not very inventive. A little more ingenuity and panache might have transformed this solid game into a truly outstanding one.
WindowsPC Player (Denmark) (1998)
Spillet OSER simpelthen af X-files-stemning og det er helt klart stemningen (og skuespillerne), der hæver X-Files: The Game fra blot at være et traditionelt film-eventyr, til at være et klart 'must' for fans af TV-serien.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Mar 19, 2004)
The X-Files Game will delight fans of the series by placing them wholly inside a world of lies and conspiracy, complete with a torrent of in-jokes and interaction with their favourite series regulars. Even non-fans will enjoy this spooky sci-fi romp, due to its slick interface, gripping plot-line and highly immersive quality. This franchise game succeeds in appealing both to established fans and the wider market, while stretching the limits of FMV technology. As an interactive episode of The X-Files the game is an undeniable success, and that’s The Truth.
WindowsPower Play (Jul, 1998)
Wenn man mal davon absieht, daß Scully nur in sehr moderaten Dosen auftaucht, gefällt mir das digitale X-File recht gut. Vor allem Grafik und deutsche Sprachausgabe verdienen uneingeschränkten Applaus – die hiesige Originalstimme von Direktor Skinner beispielsweise war sicher nicht gerade billig. Auch sonst sind offensichtlich professionelle Sprecher engagiert worden, was sich wohltuend vom leierigen Gestammel manch anderer Lokalisation abhebt. Ein paar Ecken und Kanten beim Gameplay bzw. der Steuerung lassen sich allerdings nicht leugnen. So knirscht die interne Logik der Videoszenen manchmal etwas, wenn man vom geraden Optimalweg abweicht. Auch gestaltet sich die Spurensuche eher als ein Ringen mit der Handhabung („Ich weiß, daß da ein Blutfleck sein muß. Aber wie komme ich dahin, daß ich ihn anklicken kann?“), doch im Notfall hilft ja die witzige Erfindung der KI (Künstliche Intuition) weiter. Dennoch, das Spiel fängt die X-Files-Atmosphäre geradezu vorbildlich ein.
PlayStationNowGamer (Sep 23, 1999)
The quality of the footage is excellent as is the plot and acting. This is what keeps you interested and makes a change to the serving of ham we usually have to put up with. Humour, sarcasm and even a bit of sexual tension between Mary Astadourain – a feisty female cop – and your good self adds further to the strange experience of negotiating a photo-realistic flick-screen world. There’s certainly nothing technically praiseworthy in The X-Files, but given the obvious shortfalls, such as the way you vainly look over certain areas with a fine tooth comb for a cigarette butt in a dimly lit warehouses, it holds together well. Sony has taken an old formula, cleaned it up and even reduced the number of discs from seven to four, for a thoroughly involving delve into the unknown. The truth is out there…
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Nov, 1999)
I can only assume that the actors that portray Mulder and Scully were on a very high hourly rate of pay for them to appear in so little of this game. Still the rest of the cast did a great job in creating a believable atmosphere in a genre that usually promotes B-movie acting. Skilled adventurers will find this a shallow experience, while less experienced and younger gamers may find the whole thing a little too frustrating. I'm not sure which of these audiences the game is aiming at, but it fails to impress in both camps. This type of movie-adventure still has a lot of mileage in it and I feel sure that we will see some stunning games produced on the forthcoming DVD equipped PlayStation2, but on our current console their lack of depth still leaves me feeling cold. X-Files a classic weekend rental choice, in that you will play it, complete it, enjoy it and then forget about it all over a couple of days.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Aug 05, 1998)
Etwas enttäuscht war ich darüber, daß Mulder und Scully im offiziellen Akte X-Spiel nur in passiven Rollen zu sehen sind. Zu gerne hätte ich gewußt, was sich in den Köpfen der kühl-korrekten FBI-Leute so alles abspielt. Jetzt muß man sich halt mit einer weniger interessanten Hauptfigur abfinden, die in vielen Situationen dafür umso menschlicher wirkt. Ansonsten kann ich Fox Interactive bescheinigen, daß die Serien-Atmosphäre im Verhältnis 1:1 eingefangen und wiedergegeben wurde – vor allem den Schauspielern und Synchronsprechern merkt man die Professionalität in jeder Einstellung an. Zieht man den Akte X-Bonus ab, so bleibt ein sehr geradliniges und kurzes Adventure, das für fortgeschrittene Spieler keine echte Herausforderung darstellt.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Sep, 1998)
Al met al moet ik bekennen dat ik een beetje teleurgesteld ben over X-Files, The Game. Ik had er veel van verwacht. De gameplay is echter te saai, de speelduur te kort en bovenal zijn Mulder en Scully te lang afwezig.
WindowsPC Action (Jul, 1998)
Mulder und Scully, die Mystery-Klassiker, feiern einen gelungenen Einstand in der Spielewelt. Und das, obwohl sich die Entwickler eng an die TV-Serie gehalten haben und das Genre nicht gerade Top-Hit-Lieferant ist. Geschickt reichert Fox das bekannte Fernseh-Szenario mit spannungsgeladener Atmosphäre an. Technisch und genrebedingt ist mir aber der Spielverlauf zu linear, teilweise zu anspruchslos und vor allem zu kurz. Trotzdem, nicht nur für X-Files-Fans ein gutes Stück Software-Unterhaltung auf hohem technischen Niveau.
WindowsNUKE Computer Gaming (2000)
This could have been an interesting episode for television (although most of the conspiracy stuff we have seen before) but The X-Files Game ends up being a lot of boring work with no big payoff. The truth is still out there.
WindowsPrzygodoskop (May 17, 2007)
The X-Files Game jest propozycją interesującą. Myślę, że może ciekawie zapełnić parę popołudni. Zwłaszcza jeśli ktoś lubi klimaty znane z telewizyjnej serii "Z Archiwum X". Przyjemna dla oka i ucha realizacja, przyzwoita historia, naprawdę niezła umiejętność wywoływania napięcia są jej niewątpliwymi zaletami. Choć wolałbym, żeby trudniej było wpaść na to, że fałszywe tropy, podsuwane przez twórców gry są fałszywe właśnie. Oceniając ją jednak nie jako interactive-movie, ale jako grę przygodową parę punktów trzeba odjąć za niezbyt wielką liczbę i stosunkową prostotę zagadek (oraz za mogący dezorientować - przynajmniej niektórych - sposób poruszania się, utrudniający poszukiwanie i tak nie zawsze łatwych do znalezienia przedmiotów). W sumie jest więc to gra bardziej dla mających ochotę uczestniczyć w opowieści, niż chcących godzinami łamać sobie głowy nad rozwiązywaniem zagadek. Mnie gra wciągnęła i sprawiła przyjemność (z elementami frustracji towarzyszącej poszukiwaniom "śladów").
PlayStationSpel för Alla (Dec, 1999)
The X-Files är fullständigt oumbärligt för alla fans. För alla andra är det ett kul spel om du gillar svårknäckta gåtor och klurigt detektivarbete.
WindowsAventura y Cía (Jun 14, 2006)
Expediente X se define como una aventura decente y correcta cuyo interés radica en interactuar con el granado universo de los agentes del FBI siendo éste el principal reclamo para los seguidores de la serie que no acostumbren a acercarse al mundo de Roger Wilco y compañía.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jun 16, 1998)
In other words, its better than most adventure games on the market today. There are generally two types of adventure games: those that offer nothing more than a series of unrelated puzzles (slide the tiles, figure out the combination, align the planets on a mobile to open up a gateway to another dimension), and those that are built around an actual storyline, where plot and character development are actually integral to the gameplay. The X-Files is an interactive episode of the TV series, with all the twists and suspense one has come to expect from creator Chris Carter. Sometimes you find yourself wanting a little less story and little more interaction, but if you allow yourself to get swept up in the mystery this design flaw is easy enough to forgive.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Jul, 1998)
Scully, Mulder, Skinner, alle sind sie da. Dazu Musik von Mark Snow, professionelle Filmszenen und eine ordentliche Prise Verschwörung: X-Files bemüht sich redlich, an die Atmospähre der Fernsehserie heranzukommen. Doch ärgerliche Mängel verhindern den Erfolg. Daß die Schauspieler nicht dem Niveau der Serie entsprechen und die Rätsel sich meist auf ödes Indiziensammeln beschränken, kann ich noch verschmerzen. Wirklich schade ist, daß die stimmungsvollen Videos durch ständiges Nachladen und mangelhafte Synchronisation zerstückelt werden. Trotzdem kommen Akte-X-Fans auf ihre Kosten.
MacintoshJust Adventure (2002)
If you're a fan of the show, and even if you are not, you will enjoy this game. It is excellently done, if you keep in mind the limitations of full motion video. I suspect that the casual gamer would enjoy The X-Files a lot more than the hardcore computer adventurer who has cut his or her teeth on the Zorks of the world. If Fox were to release a sequel that was a little less linear, had more difficult puzzles and doubled the playing time, I suspect they would have a classic on their hands.
WindowsJust Adventure (Jul 24, 2002)
If you're a fan of the show, and even if you are not, you will enjoy this game. It is excellently done, if you keep in mind the limitations of full motion video. I suspect that the casual gamer would enjoy The X-Files a lot more than the hardcore computer adventurer who has cut his or her teeth on the Zorks of the world. If Fox were to release a sequel that was a little less linear, had more difficult puzzles and doubled the playing time, I suspect they would have a classic on their hands.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jun, 1998)
Zieht man den TV-Bonus ab, bleibt ein durchschnittliches Spiel übrig. Das anfangs leicht trockene Suchen nach Indizien ohne ernstzunehmende Rätsel bekommt jedoch zur Spielhalbzeit storybedingten Aufschwung. Stellen Sie sich aber auf viel Rumgeklicke und wenige Puzzles ein.
The game play goes pretty much as follows: click around on everything and win. Now don't get me wrong, I actually did enjoy this game. However, if you are looking for a strong adventure game, you might want to look elsewhere. This is designed more for X-Files casual gamers than hard core gamers.
PlayStationMega Fun (Sep, 1999)
Kleiner Schuss in den Ofen? Nachdem uns Sony Computer Entertainment Deutschland zur Heftabgabe nicht sagen konnte, ob The X-Files mit einer deutschen Sprachausgabe oder wenigstens englischen Untertiteln erscheint. müssen wir genau das testen, was wir in der PlayStation liegen haben. Und da bekommen wir ein ernstes Problem mit der englischen Sprachausgabe. Sicher ist Englisch ein Pflichtfach bei uns in Deutschland und jeder wird ein wenig der Sprache verstehen, aber uni das gesamte Spiel erfolgreich zu absolvieren, sind mehr als sehr gute Englischkenntnisse Voraussetzung, und daran wird der eine oder andere sicherlich scheitern. Außerdem sollte man davon ausgehen, dass man in einem Spiel, das The X-Files heißt, auch die beiden Hauptfiguren steuern sollte. Pustekuchen! 90% der Spielzeit bekommt ihr die beiden nicht zu Gesicht, und man wird von einem Schlagwort immer mehr beschlichen: Mogelpackung!
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Sep, 1998)
THE X-FlLES was too short and too easy, with the exception of some of the action sequences, but the atmosphere manages to pull the game up enough to earn an average rating. The ending hints at a sequel, and I hope for a more challenging and less annoying game the next time around.
WindowsQuandary (Sep, 1998)
So the X-Files game has shooting sequences, lots of death scenes -- mainly your own, dark locations, an alien who is able to assume human form and evidence of corruption in high places, but is it scary? Well, no. The scariest moment for me was unintentional. I had my gun drawn and was exploring a warehouse when instead of clicking to go forward I accidentally fired the gun. It frightened the life out of me I can tell you, so on that score I have to say the sound effects were pretty good. As an interactive movie it certainly has its moments, and the available help makes it attractive to newer game players, but for me it doesn't really measure up to similar, more involving games such as Black Dahlia, Gabriel Knight II or the Tex Murphy series.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Sep, 1999)
Geen sfeer. Geen aktie. Geen Scully & Mulder. Geen reet aan. Blaaarghhhh!
WindowsPC Joker (Aug, 1998)
Ganz persönlich bin ich keinesfalls davon überzeugt, daß die Wahrheit irgendwo da draußen ist. But I want to believe - vorzugsweise in gute Games. Doch dieser Titel ist für den Fan nur wenig, für Otto Normalzocker sogar nahezu gar nicht interessant. Es sei denn, er hielte eine wirre Story, wenige Handlungsmöglichkeiten und blasse Darsteller für außer- oder gar überirdisch.
WindowsGameSpot (Jun 19, 1998)
The game gets better when Willmore finally catches up with Mulder and Scully. Their presence considerably livens up the game and almost redeems the confusing endgame sequence. You get to interact with them - and that is, after all, what you're most likely here for. But beyond these brief interludes with the characters, The X-Files Game is nothing more than a throwback to the earlier half of this decade, when cheap Myst clones and interactive movies were a dime a dozen - and, perhaps, when it was conceivable that someone could forget the password to his workstation.
MacintoshCincinnati Enquirer (1999)
Though far from perfect, The X-Files Game does offer a fun romp through the mysterious world of the ''hidden'' FBI. So if you're one of those fans that can't seem to get enough of the X-Files, you'll probably enjoy it. But if you're just looking for more Mulder and Scully, you'd be better off seeing the movie for a third time.
WindowsCincinnati Enquirer (1999)
Though far from perfect, The X-Files Game does offer a fun romp through the mysterious world of the ''hidden'' FBI. So if you're one of those fans that can't seem to get enough of the X-Files, you'll probably enjoy it. But if you're just looking for more Mulder and Scully, you'd be better off seeing the movie for a third time.
WindowsAttack Games (Nov, 1998)
Den stora nackdelen är spelbarheten. The X-Files består i stort sett av en samling filmsekvenser vilket innebär att din medverkan är kraftigt begränsad. Är du ute efter ett bra äventyrsspel är X-Files: The Game inget för dig. Är du däremot ett riktigt Arkiv X-fan kan du ju alltid köpa "spelet" och placera det i bokhyllan bredvid dina andra Arkiv X-filmer.
MacintoshAll Game Guide (1998)
So, if it takes you 10-20 minutes just to turn on the bloody computer, how long do you think it's going to take you to track down Mulder and Scully? When it comes to that question, I -- like my character in the game -- didn't have a clue.
50 (Jul 02, 1999)
I first saw the X-Files game at E3 a little over a year ago right before its big debut. Gillian Anderson was there promoting the game and there was a line all the way from Atlanta to Tennessee filled with people aching for her autograph. Now *there* is a female lead character I would have fun playing in a game! Intelligent, Sexy, Cool-headed. Alas, I realized soon on in the game that I was not going to play her at all and that I was going to play some unknown agent Craig Willmore. [sigh]
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Sep, 1998)
The X-Files Game är en tråkig studie i ointressanta dialoger, dåliga actionsekvenser och ändlösa filmer. Jag kan avslöja att spelet börjar på bottennivå, fortsätter i samma stil tills den sista skivan, då spelet plötsligt höjer sig och blir mediokert. Spelet kanske tilltalar de riktiga X-Files-fanatikerna, som tittar på bandade avsnitt varje dag - andra bör hålla sig borta från den här titeln.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 24, 1999)
In the end, if you're a fan of the series, the game's worth renting. If you find that the game's storyline hooks you, and you don't mind the interface, keep it for a couple of extra days and beat it, since the game only takes about ten hours to complete. However, if you're not a fan of the series, you shouldn't even really bother.