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PC-9801RA: 386DX/16-20MHz PC-9801RS: 386SX/16-20MHz PC-9801RX: 286/16-20MHz PC-9801ES: 386SX/16-20MHz PC-9801EX: 286/16-20MHz PC-9801DA, DA/U: 386DX/20MHz PC-9801DS, DS/U: 386SX/16MHz PC-9801DX, DX/U: 286 PC-9801FA, FA/U: 486SX/16MHz PC-9801FS, FS/U: 386DX/16MHz PC-9801FX, FX/U: 386SX/16MHz

2 Games

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box cover thumbnail Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor (1993 · DOS, PC-98)
box cover thumbnail Viper BTR (1996 · PC-98)