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Main PCB: A043096 SYS I LSI MAIN <br>Main CPU: Motorola MC68010L8 [DIP] @ 7.159090 MHz <br>Sound CPU: MOS Technology M6502 @ 1.789772 MHz <br>Sound Chips: Yamaha YM2151 @ 3.579545 MHz, 2 x Pokey @ 1.789772 MHz, TMS5220 @ 625 KHz <br>Main ROM: 136032 <br>Video Resolution: 336 x 240 <br>Colors: 256 colors from a palette of 1024 <br>Board composition: A Main Board and a Game Cartridge PCB. The original System 1 main boards and cartridges used a large number of 7400 series TTL chips, these early boards were later replaced by the functionally identical "System 1 LSI Main" and "LSI Cartridge" boards, which used LSI ASICs (for reduced manufacturing costs). <br>Cartridge board: Contained the game ROMs, graphics shift registers, Slapstic copy protection chip, Yamaha YM2151 FM sound generator, a POKEY and (for some games) a TI TMS5220 LPC speech synthesis chip.

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