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The English Software Company


Based in Manchester, this company's focus was the Atari 8-bit line, although several games were ported to the Commodore 64 and some to the Amstrad CPC. Some early titles were published in the US by Datamost and (mostly for Atari) Dynamics Marketing in Germany, but later titles were mostly only released in the UK. They disappeared in 1987, shortly after the release of Leviathan, their sole 16-bit game.


Knight Games 2: Space Trilogy(1987)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 7(1987)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 5(1986)
Knight Games(1986)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 6(1986)
Chop Suey(1985)
Topper the Copper(1985)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 3(1985)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 4(1985)
Adventures of Robin Hood, The(1984)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 1(1984)
Atari Smash Hits Volume 2(1984)
Henry's House(1984)
Legend of the Knucker-Hole Starring Jet-Boot Jack(1984)
Spaceman Sid(1984)
Colossus Chess 3.0(1984)
Jet-Boot Jack(1983)
Captain Sticky's Gold(1983)
Xenon Raid(1983)
Airstrike II(1983)
Neptune's Daughters(1983)


Address 1988:

1 North Parade
Manchester M3 2NH
Tel: 061-835 1358

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