GameTek (FL), Inc.


GameTek, Inc. was a company that developed, published, marketed and distributed a broad line of interactive entertainment, educational and productivity software for use on personal computers and Nintendo, Sega, 3DO, and Sony platforms. The company's products, included TV game shows and productivity titles for adults; action, fantasy and simulation games for teenagers; and developmental and educational titles for children.

It was formed in 1987 as a subsidiary of I.J.E., Inc. I.J.E. was initially established in 1977 under the name I.J.E. Distributing, Inc. to distribute pre-recorded children's entertainment products under the trade name "Kid Stuff." From 1977 to 1985 I.J.E. and its affiliated acquired a number of licenses to develop entertainment products based upon certain television shows, sports entities and name brand children's products. I.J.E.'s original founder Irwin H. Schwartz sold I.J.E. to an unaffiliated third party in 1985 and then formed Gabco, Inc. in 1987 to reacquire I.J.E. GameTek was founded as a result to exploit these licenses in the software market.

In October 1993 the company changed its name to GameTek (FL), Inc. and Gabco, Inc. became GameTek, Inc.

The company maintained offices in Florida, California and North Carolina and was closed in 1998 after filing bankruptcy.

Also Known As

  • GameTek, Inc. (from 1987 to Oct, 1993)


Wheel of Fortune(1997)
Dark Colony (Covermount Demo Version)(1997)
AYSO Soccer '97(1997)
Jeopardy! Teen Tournament(1996)
Mutant Penguins(1996)
Frantic Flea(1996)
NFL '97(1996)
Alien Incident(1996)
Art of Fly Fishing: Volume One - Rivers of the British Isles, The(1996)
CrossWorld 95(1996)
Surface Tension(1996)
Brain Food Games(1996)
Super Stardust(1996)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo(1995)
Pinball Fantasies(1995)
Cyberbykes: Shadow Racer VR(1995)
War College: Universal Military Simulator 3, The(1995)
Bureau 13(1995)
Brutal: Above the Claw(1995)
Jack the Ripper(1995)
Quarantine II: Road Warrior(1995)
Master of Orion(1995)
Frontier: First Encounters(1995)
Hole in One(1995)
Hellfire Zone(1995)
Humans 3: Evolution - Lost in Time(1995)
Star Crusader: Bonus Missions Pack(1994)
Family Feud(1994)
Pinball Dreams(1994)
Star Crusader(1994)
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller(1994)
Brutal: Paws of Fury(1994)
Humans 1 and 2(1994)
Full Throttle: All-American Racing(1994)
Jeopardy! Sports Edition(1994)
Jeopardy! Sports Edition(1994)
Yogi Bear's Goldrush(1994)
Elite Soccer(1994)
Wheel of Fortune: Deluxe Edition(1994)
Race Days(1994)
Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle(1994)
Jeopardy! Sports Edition(1994)
Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition(1993)

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