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Genki Co., Ltd.


Genki Co., Ltd. is a software development company based in Tokyo, Japan. Established in October 1990, the company is best known for its racing games, such as the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series.


Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 6(2018)
Shutokou Battle Xtreme(2017)
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 5DX+(2016)
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 5DX(2015)
Yakuza 0(2015)
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 5(2014)
Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 4(2011)
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker(2011)
GTI Club: Supermini Festa!(2010)
Spectrobes: Origins(2009)
Katamari Forever(2009)
Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals(2008)
Populous DS(2008)
Wangan Midnight Portable(2007)
Wangan Midnight(2007)
Kengo: Legend of the 9(2006)
Import Tuner Challenge(2006)
Demon Chaos(2005)
Hissatsu Ura Kagyō(2005)
S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International(2005)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift 2(2005)
Street Supremacy(2005)
Kengo 3(2004)
Kaido Battle 2: Chain Reaction(2004)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon(2003)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3(2003)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift(2003)
Maximum Chase(2002)
Sword of the Samurai(2002)
Kabuki Warriors(2002)
Phantom Crash(2002)
Wangan Midnight: R(2001)
Jade Cocoon 2(2001)
Wangan Midnight(2001)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero(2001)
Daytona USA(2000)
Kengo: Master of Bushido(2000)
Super Magnetic Neo(2000)
Rally Challenge 2000(2000)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2(2000)
Fighter Destiny 2(1999)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer(1999)
Virtua Striker 2(1999)
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu(1998)
Virtua Fighter 3tb(1998)
SimCity 2000(1998)
Fighters Destiny(1998)
MRC: Multi-Racing Championship(1997)

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The english translation for the japanese word "Genki" is along the lines of: “happy”, “healthy” or “fine”.

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