Emerging from the ashes of predecessor iMPERiAL in the summer of 1994, Mistigris (aka Mist and, c.1997, "mISTfUNK") was a collective of young, amateur practitioners of various computer artforms, generally deriving membership from and serving the online community of area code 604, Vancouver, BC, Canada. On and off over the course of the next four years, they honed their skills, embracing exciting new developments in creative technologies (and squeezing the last drop of use out of old ones), finding international audiences and collaborators before fragmenting in 1998 as affordable dial-up internet access broke locally, members scattering to the four winds, a handful since finding employment in the video game industry.

While their focus was on the traditional "artscene" disciplines, the scope of their output encompassed everything from static textmode (ANSI, ASCII) art to tracked .MODule music, flat RIPscrip animation to sheaves of poetry and reams of electronic magazines, pixelart, photomanipulated and 3D-rendered high-resolution graphics to BBS and other utility software... and yes, somehow, a few games along the way, a natural crossroad for these disparate creative disciplines.

Mistigris turned a reunion on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2014 into a full-blown revival, and it's not impossible they might well start releasing games again.

Also Known As

  • Mist -- abbreviation


Onyx Arcade II(2015)
Kithe #14(1997)
Mad Cow Man and Deep Fried Beef Fat Boy(1997)
E.T.: No More Mr. Nice Alien(1997)
Bob vs the Mob(1995)


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