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NovaLogic, Inc.


Founded in 1985, by CEO John A. Garcia, NovaLogic Inc. is a developer and global publisher of computer games for the PC, PlayStation® and PlayStation® 2 game consoles, NINTENDO GAMECUBE and Xbox video game system. The company concentrates on a small number of high quality titles each year. NovaLogic is a privately owned company. The primary outside shareholder is Electronic Arts.

A European office was set up in 1994 in central London to manage distribution, sales and marketing throughout Europe. Headed by the General Manager, Paul Rebhan, the office comprises 12 staff, bringing the total number of NovaLogic employees to about 100 world wide.

The name NovaLogic, meaning "New Logic", represents a vision of designing and developing games from a new perspective. It is this new perspective that continually drives the company to produce innovative, leading-edge technology in order to achieve realistic environments, stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. The technology behind the success of franchises like Delta Force® and Comanche® has put NovaLogic firmly on the map when it comes to innovation in the games arena.

NovaLogic spent its early years producing home versions of many popular arcade games and has produced original designs for more than a decade. These releases have established the company's reputation as a leading game developer.

Success in the consumer military simulation market brought NovaLogic to the attention of the US Army. In 1999 NovaLogic Systems Inc. (NLS) was established to capitalize on the technologies NovaLogic had developed for the gaming market by bringing them to the military and civilian training communities. NLS has worked with several US Army commands, notably as provider of training software for the Land Warrior soldier system. NovaLogic also has continued strategic partnerships with defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Sikorsky.

With the introduction of its hugely popular NovaWorld game service in 1997, NovaLogic has taken the online gaming world by storm, enabling millions of game joins since NovaWorld's inception. NovaWorld gives NovaLogic customers the chance to embark on knuckle biting multiplayer combat on dedicated NovaLogic servers. The unprecedented popularity of NovaWorld has contributed to the success of games like the Delta Force® franchise.

Throughout NovaLogic’s history the company has developed original gaming content for both console and PC platforms and although NovaLogic is best known for developing military combat simulations, the company has, over the years, expanded its portfolio of titles. This includes new genres of games such as the incredibly popular tactical shooter franchise Delta Force and the space action/shooter Tachyon: The Fringe.

Through its breakthrough technology, advanced graphics and innovative game design, coupled with 17 years experience in development, NovaLogic delivers thoroughly challenging and entertaining games to its customers every time.

On 31st October 2016 the company name and its IPs were acquired by THQ Nordic GmbH.


Delta Force: 10th Anniversary Collection(2009)
Novalogic Multiplayer Mayhem(2009)
Delta Force Bootcamp(2009)
Novalogic Everything Pack(2009)
Novalogic Classics Volume One: Machines of War(2009)
Delta Force: Xtreme 2(2009)
Joint Operations: Combined Arms(2005)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Gold Pack(2005)
Delta Force: Xtreme(2005)
Joint Operations: Escalation(2004)
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising(2004)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Platinum Pack(2004)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre(2004)
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down(2003)
Special Forces Pack(2003)
Highland Warriors(2003)
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger(2002)
Delta Force: Urban Warfare(2002)
Delta Force Trilogy(2002)
Delta Force 2 / Delta Force Land Warrior(2002)
Air Attack Pack(2002)
Comanche 4(2001)
Flight Mania(2000)
Delta Force: Land Warrior(2000)
Tachyon: The Fringe(2000)
Armored Fist 3(1999)
Jet Pack(1999)
F-22 Lightning 3(1999)
Delta Force 2(1999)
MiG-29 Fulcrum(1998)
Delta Force(1998)
F-16 Multirole Fighter(1998)
Comanche Gold(1998)
Armored Fist 2(1997)
F-22 Raptor(1997)
Comanche 3(1997)
F-22 Lightning II(1996)
Black Fire(1995)
Werewolf vs. Comanche(1995)
Comanche 2(1995)
Comanche CD(1994)
Armored Fist(1994)
Comanche: Maximum Overkill - Mission Disk 1(1993)
Comanche: Over the Edge(1993)
Comanche: Maximum Overkill(1992)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1992)
Jigsaw: The Ultimate Electronic Puzzle(1992)
Crystal Quest(1991)
Rocketeer, The(1991)

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Location as of 10/09/07:

27489 Agoura Rd., Suite 300
Agoura Hills, CA

Technical Support Phone: (818) 878-0325

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