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Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIE Inc.) is the publisher and developer of first-party titles for all PlayStation platforms in Japan as well as the division responsible for design and development of PlayStation hardware. SIE Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan.

It is a wholly owned division of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, which was created from a merger of the former Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment. It is based in San Mateo, CA.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. began in 1994 when Nintendo tore up the agreement for Sony to supply Nintendo with a disc system add-on for their Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Once Hiroshi Yamauchi had torn up that agreement, Ken Kutaragi decided that with all the research that has been done, they could make their own console system. At that time, the Sony PlayStation was born.

Also Known As

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (from 1994 to Apr 01, 2016)


Syphon Filter(2022)
Horizon II: Forbidden West(2022)
wipEout Merge(2021)
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart(2021)
Demon's Souls(2020)
Demon's Souls (Digital Deluxe Edition)(2020)
OneeChanbara: Origin(2020)
Ghost of Tsushima(2020)
Marvel Iron Man VR(2020)
Last of Us: Part II, The(2020)
Last of Us: Part II, The(2020)
Predator: Hunting Grounds(2020)
Patapon 2(2020)
Death Stranding(2019)
Death Stranding(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back (Digital Deluxe Edition)(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back - Secret Scroll: Purge(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back (Hero Edition)(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back - Guanyin Bodhisattva Amulet(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back - Soul Charming Necklace(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back - Purple Incense Burner(2019)
Monkey King: Hero is Back - Lotus(2019)
Concrete Genie(2019)
Concrete Genie: Deluxe Bundle(2019)
Concrete Genie (Digital Deluxe Edition)(2019)
ReadySet Heroes(2019)
Toro and Friends: Onsen Town(2019)
Everybody's Golf VR: Additional Outfits - Gothic Style Series(2019)
Everybody's Golf VR: Additional Caddie - Gloria(2019)
Everybody's Golf VR: Additional Outfits - School Style Series(2019)
Blood & Truth(2019)
Everybody's Golf VR(2019)
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII(2019)
Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher(2019)
Sony PlayStation Classic(2018)
Astro Bot: Rescue Mission(2018)
Firewall: Zero Hour(2018)
MLB The Show 18: All-Star Edition(2018)
Animal Force(2018)
Detroit: Become Human (Digital Deluxe Edition)(2018)
Bravo Team (Aim Controller Bundle)(2018)
World of Warriors(2018)
Bravo Team(2018)

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Sony received the following Awards by the German online magazine 4Players:
  • Best Developer of 2006
  • #2 Best Publisher of 2008
  • #3 Best Developer of 2008
  • #2 Best Publisher of 2009
  • #3 Best Publisher of 2010

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