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Tommy's Toys


Tommy's Toys was a company that produced over 200 shareware games between 1985 and 1998. All of the games were written in QuickBasic and were designed to run in DOS.

It was a one man operation where all the games were developed by T. L. Winslow who stopped making games in 1998 to start a new career as a novelist.

The company was known for its tag line "Tommy's Toys - Programmed by Aliens from Outer Space".


Tommy's Gorilla Ball Pak(1997)
Tommy's Arcade(1997)
Tommy's Think II(1995)
Tommy's Nite Lites!(1995)
Tommy's Six-Bid Solo(1994)
Tommy's Whist(1994)
Tommy's Calabresella(1994)
Tommy's Pitch(1993)
Tommy's Toy Pak II(1993)
Tommy's Toy Pak I(1993)
Tommy's Toy Pak III(1993)
Tommy's Coon Can(1992)
Tommy's Cryptoquips(1992)
Tommy's Hollywords(1992)
Tommy's Fan Tan(1990)
Tommy's Oh Hell(1990)
Tommy's Trash!(1989)
Tommy's Nyet(1989)
Tommy's Plates(1989)
Tommy's Manor(1989)
Tommy's Jottomania(1989)
Tommy's Pinochle(1988)
Tommy's Spades(1988)
Tommy's Euchre(1988)
Tommy's Connecting Point(1988)
Tommy's Monopoly(1988)
Tommy's Space Farmer(1988)
Tommy's Patience II(1988)
Tommy's Rocks(1987)
Tommy's Flipout(1987)
Tommy's Gorilla Ball Gauntlet(1987)
Tommy's Jupiter Jet(1987)
Tommy's Gorilla Ball Tag(1987)
Tommy's Gorilla Ball Gotcha(1987)
Tommy's Floppy Discus(1987)
Tommy's Hanoi(1987)
Tommy's Global Thermonuclear War(1987)
Tommy's Gorilla Ball Train(1987)
Tommy's Gorilla Ball Babies(1987)
Tommy's Tic-Tac-Toe(1987)
Tommy's Trivia(1987)
Tommy's Tanks(1987)
Tommy's Space Panels(1987)
Tommy's Tyrants(1987)
Tommy's Wheel of Misfortune(1987)
Tommy's Space Goblins(1987)
Tommy's Trifles(1987)
Tommy's Gin Rummy(1987)
Tommy's Enet(1987)
Tommy's High IQ(1987)

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Location (1986)

Tommy's Toys
P.O. Box 11261
United States of America

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