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vedder (71093) on 1/18/2023 9:52 PM · Permalink · Report

As per tradition, I present to you this year's database visualization! Made possible by the MobyGames API.

Previous editions:
January 2022 - January 2021 - January 2020 - January 2019 - January 2018 - June 2017 - January 2017 - January 2016 - January 2015 - January 2014 - January 2013 - January 2012 - January 2011 - January 2010 - January 2009

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An explanation: each coloured shape in the graph represents a platform. The horizontal axis is time. The vertical axis represents the number of games released and is stacked. So the height of a shape on a given point in time indicates the number of games released for that platform that year. The total height of the graph on a given point in time shows the total releases that year. The graph is meant to represent game releases and thus excludes DLC, Special Edition and Compilation items. It does include each game for each platform it was released on.
As usual we see a drop-off at the end, simply because we haven't been able to keep up with all the new game releases.
Feel free to point out interesting info in the graph and your contributions in the thread!

I have also updated the bar chart race I made last year with the new data.

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Plok (219233) on 1/18/2023 9:57 PM · Permalink · Report

Fewer entries for the current year compared to the previous graph, just under 10k :/

2018 seems to metastasize somehow, and 2020 is close by it - considering the fact that DLC etc. are excluded from this data, I wonder what happened in those years in particular that we're picking up on.

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Karsa Orlong (151779) on 1/19/2023 12:27 AM · Permalink · Report

Its about time :)

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Nombre Falso on 1/19/2023 11:58 PM · Permalink · Report

iPone ????????????????????????????????????

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vedder (71093) on 1/20/2023 7:43 AM · Permalink · Report

Whoopsie. Typo.

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hoeksmas (152080) on 1/25/2023 2:31 AM · Permalink · Report

Looks great. That bump from 82-85 is slowly growing.

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WilmaRodriguez on 6/17/2023 2:36 PM · Permalink · Report

I appreciate you for sharing it.