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MobyReed (357) on 3/1/2023 4:28 PM · edited · Permalink · Report

Thanks again for all the feedback and bug reports! We're working through them as fast as we can. Although we ran a long open beta, we're dealing with a complex data set with many many tools, and there's little substitute for real-world use. If you find anything that's still not working, and not already on the Bugs forum, please add it.

Update log for v20230301:

  • Added customization options to game browser: Add or remove icons and platforms from the list
  • Added Spellings and forum threads to game overview when they exist
  • Added contribute page and link to game, person and company menus
  • Added localized timestamps and paging to forum
  • Game browser now remembers sort preference (last used)
  • Game browser now displays relevant info depending on sort (e.g., Moby Score when sorting by Moby Score)
  • Quick search optimization and improvement
  • Display most recent credits on person and company overviews
  • UI/UX improvements and fixes for credits contribution form
  • Default to saving resized PNG/GIF as PNG (note: some screenshots are JPEG that should be PNG and will be regenerated)
  • Improved game preview
  • Can now add multiple critic scores on game submission form
  • Require partial dates to be in ISO format
  • Do not require perspective to be selected for all games
  • Allow moby group tags
  • Allow moby_html in photo captions
  • Removed erroneous proof requirement for related sites
  • Fixes for reviews summary display
  • Fixed permission errors
  • Fixed game cover preview to show comments
  • Fixed approval email preference setting
  • Fixed company logo submission
  • Fixed for profile editing
  • Fixed display of credits source and release info
  • Fixed handling of role names when editing credits
  • Fixed report function for forum posts
  • Fixed editing WIP/pending games
  • Fixed adding mononymous developers
  • Fixed places where mobile UI wasn’t wrapping or resizing properly
  • Fixed missing URL redirects
  • Misc. other fixes, tweaks, polish
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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 5:52 PM · Permalink · Report


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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 5:54 PM · Permalink · Report

Anyway just noticed the first important bug. On a game´s main page and on the reviews tab, the stars are all filled in up to 5 stars, and the values being shown have too many decimals and are wrong (8,234197...stars?)

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 5:55 PM · Permalink · Report

The overall value of stars at the top IS correct by the way

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 5:58 PM · Permalink · Report

Noticed that the "Other" part of Forums is empty

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:04 PM · edited · Permalink · Report

Sorry I have a question. I´ve noticed that games which have a Mobyscore of "X.0" are shown in two different colours. I´m guessing that has to do with whether they´ve been rounded down (then they show the colour from the upper range) or up (from the lower range). Am I right, and are you planning on keeping it or changing it? (Personally it doesn´t bother me. In fact, I would keep it as it is, and therefore we have an inmediate visual cue as to whether that game score has been rounded up or down). So if you ask me, all´s good on that front!

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:08 PM · Permalink · Report

I´m going to continue pointing out any bugs I notice relevant to this update. Anyway, I´ve also noticed that games DO show relevant info based on sorting type, however it doesn´t do so for the "Date added" and "Updated" fields, where it shows the release year instead.

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:11 PM · Permalink · Report

Not sure if the sorting of most recent credits on Person and Company overviews is fully working:

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:13 PM · Permalink · Report

Though I have to say, I haven´t seen any other examples

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Pedro Ferreira (2643) on 3/1/2023 6:15 PM · Permalink · Report

Any ability to switch between the new layout and old layout design please?

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MobyReed (357) on 3/1/2023 7:21 PM · edited · Permalink · Report

We might add themes, similar to how you can select dark mode.

What are you missing from the old layout?

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:21 PM · Permalink · Report

And lastly, this just being a request, if you guys could make critic score ratings platform-specific, as you did with the Mobyscore, that would make the site even more unprecedented!

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:27 PM · Permalink · Report

Oh and just noticed another thing, though not sure if a bug or intended. When sorting games by Mobyscore on a specific platform, instead of showing the mobyscore for that platform, it shows the overall Mobyscore:

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:37 PM · Permalink · Report

Oh and just a question. Are you guys planning on adding other filter options such as NOT, ONLY, EXCLUDING, AND and OR for every field, MIN/MAX, etc... ?

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MobyReed (357) on 3/1/2023 7:16 PM · Permalink · Report


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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 7:55 PM · Permalink · Report


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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 6:39 PM · Permalink · Report

Also I´ve just noticed that after posting these replies, they don´t appear in a consistent order...

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vedder (70993) on 3/1/2023 6:42 PM · Permalink · Report

Wow, lots of great updates! Love the new stuff in the game browser, already so much better than the old site.

Thanks for all the hard work! The rate of updates has been amazing!

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Vereina (785) on 3/1/2023 7:46 PM · edited · Permalink · Report

I've got a question/suggestion here:

While the Random Game option in the "Browse" section is nice in its own, it does look one up through the entire database. Is it in any way possible to add a random option into the game browser itself?

Let me clarify: imagine you've set up filters (I'll just take them off the top of my head) for the years 1991-2000, platforms DOS and Windows, genre Simulation. The result is still quite a sizable list, 1146 entires, to be specific. Basically, imagine I just wanted to see a list of the sim games from that era for the main platforms, and pick something out, but what I got is still a lot, and it's very hard to single something out - you'll either spend a whole day poking through the entries, or never get past the first page.

So, what I'm asking is - how hard it would be, please, to implement a function that would pick out randomly one of those 1146 entries and shove it up in my face?

Basically, filtered random, I'd call it, I guess, where the main idea is that you roughly know what do you want to find, but there's still too much to look through everything, or you just want to try your luck within the applied filters, and maybe find a gem that you'd not normally pay any attention to.

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MobyReed (357) on 3/1/2023 8:20 PM · Permalink · Report

We are planning to add customization options to the Random feature. So you can set a preferred platform/etc. Or maybe we'll use the game browser to set it similar to what you're describing.

The closest you can get to this now is by pressing the right arrow key on a game, person or company overview page - that will get you a random entry from the same category.

So for example, if you go here and then press right arrow, you'll get another random game. And I think we'll probably refine that to have it choose something related. So in this example with Donkey Kong, it could select another game from that era instead of being a completely random game entry.

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Vereina (785) on 3/2/2023 6:27 AM · Permalink · Report

That's great to hear :)

So, basically, there's going to be two kinds of random - custom random, and related random? That's actually not so bad - in the former case, you just want something totally random thrown at you, and in the latter - something random, but similar. Both would fit in nicely.

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (569710) on 3/1/2023 8:18 PM · edited · Permalink · Report

Had an error where i could NOT reply/comment/add etc on anything through Chrome on my PC, but still could do that through Chrome on my Android phone

Yup cannot edit on PC, not even this edit, but still works on Android. (ps both signed in)

Will check if i logout at android if i can edit at PC (just a sec)

Just a few minutes ago.... Will check if it still applies...... NOPE. through PC no edits are possible.....

Will now trash my cookies and such on PC.... HOLD ON....

Yup cookies did it......

PERHAPS now i can finally submit stuff properly????? NOPE still not properly -> Tracy Poff, i'll be contacting you shortly :P

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Cantillon (78239) on 3/1/2023 8:32 PM · Permalink · Report

Great work!

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 8:50 PM · Permalink · Report

Just another bug (or maybe just not implemented yet). Critic sources lists cannot be sorted (they always default to Date of Review descending) once you hit next. I already mentioned it to Tracy so I´m sure he´ll work on it. And by the way, are you guys planning on adding the list of all Critic Sources so we can Browse through them? That would be amazing and an additional feature which as far as I´m aware has never been available before (except when submitting)?

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 8:56 PM · Permalink · Report

Another thing I´ve noticed, not sure if it´s a bug, but on the credits tab, when "Any" is selected, it shows the credits for the platform which shows up on the main page. Shouldn´t it include credits from all platforms that have them?

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 9:05 PM · Permalink · Report

Last little bug? I´ve noticed (probably a rounding issue). When viewing critic reviews on the Reviews tab and clicking on a particular platform, it is sometimes the case where the average critic score displayed at the top and the one at the bottom (above all the reviews), have a difference of 1 (the latter being 1% lower). Also I´ve noticed you´ve removed the decimals from the critic reviews (maybe it would be better to keep at least one decimal like with the mobyscore?). In fact I would even suggest (open to people´s opinions, or even as an option, to have 2 decimal places for all scores including users). Thanks very much for everything you´re doing !

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joicrawu (80) on 3/1/2023 9:08 PM · Permalink · Report

Oh and forgot to mention another suggestion (which I did in some other post). I think that it would be an amazing option if you could filter games by number of user and/or critic reviews.

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j.raido 【雷堂嬢太朗】 (98937) on 3/2/2023 2:35 AM · edited · Permalink · Report

Before this update, developer pages would also display any parenthetical information (such as aliases, companies, or translations) on the credit list itself next to the role name; that's no longer showing up. This was quite useful to me for doing cleanups and adding aliases, could it possibly be added back?

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't realize this was still exposed in the "Credits" sub-page. This is fine actually, a cleaner way to display the information. :)

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Foxhack (32099) on 3/2/2023 4:17 AM · Permalink · Report

I can see the posts that wouldn't show up in the list now, hooray.

New request: please add an option to mark a subforum or the entire forum as "read", like it used to be.

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Bozzly (1081) on 3/2/2023 4:56 AM · Permalink · Report

When submitting a critic review, I wish spaces can be added if the review in the source comes in two or more paragraphs.

I must also say that some of the critic reviews I submitted and gotten approved before had 2+ paragraphs. But ever since the website moved into the beta version, the spaces somehow got removed. I would like to have those fixed.

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Cavalary (11447) on 3/2/2023 2:43 PM · Permalink · Report

In principle, an abstract should be a single paragraph, so lumped together if there was more than one in the original. But otherwise, MobyGames never did register single line breaks automatically, had to use the BR tag, and that didn't change with the redesign, annoyingly.

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Infernos (44357) on 3/2/2023 1:36 PM · Permalink · Report

1) So currently on a game's page there's one "Contribute" link next to buy, another "Contribute" on the right side and another one at the bottom. Isn't one enough?
2) Contributors still can't add AKAs for devs. Only biography, photo, related site and corrections.
3) Is there still no way for contributors to submit a new game group? We still have to post a request in the Suggestions forum and hope someone from the staff sees it?
4) Just checked some of the games I contributed and the descriptions for most compilations are messed up now. For example, CRI Gokan Pack, Falcom Early Collection.
5) When contributing screenshots bring back the feature to set the order of the screenshots.

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Cavalary (11447) on 3/2/2023 2:46 PM · Permalink · Report

4) Yeah, list tags got messed up in all descriptions. Really needs fixing or it'll mean tens of thousands of manual edits. And wonder what else got messed up...
5) Would be nice to bring back manual ordering of everything. Thinking of user lists. And since we're "modernizing", that ordering really should be done by drag and drop, no longer needing to enter numbers and change all if you reorder.

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Cantillon (78239) on 3/2/2023 2:48 PM · Permalink · Report

5) I think drag and drop is the idea indeed.

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Tracy Poff (2095) on 3/9/2023 8:18 PM · Permalink · Report

Yeah, list tags got messed up in all descriptions. Really needs fixing or it'll mean tens of thousands of manual edits.

I've automatically fixed the game descriptions, for the most part. Some will still have the first item stuck on the end of the previous paragraph, but that should be the minority of cases. Most should no longer require manual intervention.

And wonder what else got messed up...

Happily, these errors are basically caused by the conversion process being too conservative, trying to preserve the formatting of the original text. It's unlikely that any more serious errors crept in during this conversion.

Would be nice to bring back manual ordering of everything. Thinking of user lists.

You mean the havelists? I don't recall that those ever allowed ordering. The system list did, and currently does not, so that's perhaps a candidate for returning manual ordering.

And since we're "modernizing", that ordering really should be done by drag and drop, no longer needing to enter numbers and change all if you reorder.

In general, drag-and-drop ordering of everything is the plan, though for multi-tier stuff like credits probably it's less suitable.

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Cavalary (11447) on 3/11/2023 2:21 AM · Permalink · Report

Referring to the playlist... which is now split into up to four different lists, so need to check more places to get an overview, and moving a game from a status to another is no longer just a matter of changing a selection but means removing from one list and adding in another. But anyway, that allowed ordering.

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Cantillon (78239) on 3/2/2023 2:47 PM · Permalink · Report

1) The more the merrier, if that makes people contribute more 4) I fixed these two

For all other points, Tracy is hard at work, rest assured. Most urgent fixes first of course.

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (569710) on 3/3/2023 7:13 AM · Permalink · Report

Points shown in email (especially for release info) aren't always correct.

Example: it always shows 1 point for additional info, no matter how much companies are in there. It does show/tallied up correctly on the site.

Sidenote: i replied earlier and submitted, but it acted as a report? (my mistake or error)

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joicrawu (80) on 3/3/2023 3:59 PM · Permalink · Report

Hi there, was just wondering. Why are some game thumbnails displaying spines/sides or back covers, instead of front covers? Also, these thumbnails are blurry...

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Bozzly (1081) on 3/3/2023 6:08 PM · Permalink · Report

I also have something I still wonder. Why does the list of a game’s critic reviews no longer shows all the critics’ scores in percentage?

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (569710) on 3/3/2023 8:12 PM · Permalink · Report

Seems that adding more than two extra platforms to a newly scraped entry makes it impossible to submit into the database when adding..... A scraped entry + two new platforms works (even if you add multiple covers/releases)..... more than two extra platforms and submitting doesn't work properly or not all.....

My workaround is to submit (with sources) the platform from my WIP section (so at least all platforms are pending) and then submit the whole entry through normal means so the new game is pending

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SubSane (1437) on 3/13/2023 12:52 AM · Permalink · Report

Credits contributions has been VASTLY improved, this is amazing. The method for handling selections of names is so much smoother now. Thank you for your continued efforts in improving the site!