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MobyReed (325) on 5/8/2023 2:53 PM · Permalink · Report

  • Added list of all platforms
  • Added lists of all games per platform (example)
  • Added list of all companies
  • Added all core database stats to homepage
  • Added ability to add multiple games at the same time to a group
  • Added settings/preferences to the feed
  • Populated first years to all critics, as seen on the list of all critics and critic pages
  • Added reviews link to Moby Score on company game page listing
  • Added page numbers to lists that were missing them
  • Added platform links to stats page
  • Added background to company logos to handle transparency
  • Added paging to game version company search
  • Improving sorting on database stats table
  • Support moving promo images between groups
  • Game group descriptions now optional
  • Can now add approval comments to corrections while pending
  • Reindex game when screenshots, promo images or covers change
  • Allow users to change the platform of their WIP critic scores
  • Fixed uploading developer pictures and company logos
  • Fixed adding notes to tech specs
  • Fixed ability to set primary company name
  • Fixed empty cover group page redirect
  • Fixed screenshot ordering not being saved
  • Fixed ordering for promo image submissions
  • Fixed cover ordering and developer picture ordering
  • Fixed delete account functionality
  • Fixed purchase price feature in game collections
  • Fixed editing game versions with companies submitted by other users
  • Fixed HTML in forum reply notifications
  • Keep role name when converting developer to entity
  • Misc. UI improvements
  • Misc. backend optimizations and fixes
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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (569366) on 5/8/2023 4:32 PM · Permalink · Report

On the homepage when you click MORE to see more "recent games, images, credits, groups" the ERROR page appears

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hoeksmas (151330) on 5/8/2023 5:35 PM · Permalink · Report

Valve Corporation is listed as having published games from 0000-2023 on the list of all companies. Is that a list issue or a Valve issue?

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (569366) on 5/9/2023 4:51 PM · Permalink · Report

Nintendo scraper sometimes works and sometimes don't (for Nintendo USA and Nintendo Australia). If you try a few times it will work

ERROR code:

Admin Debug Info:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/app/mobygames/", line 886, in scrape_game_handler new_game.approval_status_changed_trigger() File "/app/mobygames/db/", line 723, in approval_status_changed_trigger self.invalidate_cache() File "/app/mobygames/db/", line 1666, in invalidate_cache add_post_commit_action(get_exact_game.invalidate, self.title.upper(), None) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'upper'

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Emitewiki (547) on 5/12/2023 8:52 PM · Permalink · Report

LOOOOVE these changes!! All of them are so good, thanks for the platform development!

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Infernos (44326) on 5/16/2023 8:18 AM · Permalink · Report

I like the list of all platforms feature. However...

1) I would put all the titles that start with various symbols together under "Symbols". Right now there's several of them: exclamation mark (!), quotation mark ("), number sign (#), dollar sign ($), apostrophe ('), brackets (), hyphen (-), period (.), slash (/), greater-than sign (>), caret (^), underscore (_), tilde (~), ellipsis (…), euro sign (€), square root (√), black star (★), circle (〇), right-pointing pointer (▻), infinity (∞), less-than sign (<). And there's no consistency in where they appear, for example greater-than sign (>) is currently between 9 and A, while less-than sign (<) appears right at the end.

2) Titles that start with letters with macrons, strokes, etc. (À, Ä, Æ, É, Ô, Ü, Č, Ł, Ō, Ś) currently appear after Z. I think it's best to ignore the macron in this case so that something like Ōkami appears under O.

3) Titles that start with Greek letters - Δ (Delta), μ (Mu), π (Pi). Put these under D and M and P.

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LatoyaRios on 5/23/2023 10:52 AM · edited · Permalink · Report

I am so happy with the new one. I don't know about it before. I was actually searching for this website online and when I was looking for it on google search, I found out about the new update and I really like it.