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MobyReed (325) on 2/17/2024 12:50 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report


  • Added top 50 people, companies and groups to monthly analytics
  • Sped up downloading of large platform game csv/json files
  • Increased game browser export to 1,000 results (up from 500)

General Update Log

  • Added matching AKAs and product codes to type-as-you-search
  • Added paging to the leaderboards
  • Added search functionality to the all-time leaderboard
  • Added initial release date to games listed in the game relations section
  • Display all game specs, regardless of category, on game overview when the amount is manageable
  • Fixed duplicate role name display bug on credit submission
  • Fixed long source URLs on portraits
  • Misc. backend optimization

Admin / Approvers

  • Fixed country editor erroneously deleting flag images
  • Display MSRP on preview of game version
  • Show source, url, date on preview for portraits
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Emitewiki (502) on 2/17/2024 5:27 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Added matching AKAs and product codes to type-as-you-search

Added initial release date to games listed in the game relations section

Oh, yes!! I love these! They just make everything look a little more professional and useful when browsing the site!

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Infernos (44110) on 2/19/2024 10:07 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

A couple things:

1) Currently you can only submit the MSRP along with the release info as far as I can tell. In my opinion, MSRP should be something you can submit on it's own just like product codes. I've seen some people submit identical release info to those that's already on file just to add the price.

2) Perhaps I'm misremembering but weren't promo art in a single group sorted by image type before? For example, first all screenshots then all concept art and so on. Now it's by image order (as far as I can tell) and can result in a mess when there's renders in between concept art and logos - https://www.mobygames.com/game/3714/resident-evil-2/promo/group-6358/ An option to sort promo images by image type would be nice.

3) And finally, just a suggestion - Promo images for platforms. Basically hardware pics (consoles, controllers, accessories) and system logos from official sources. I've seen plenty of this stuff on various press kits from Nintendo, Sony, Sega & Microsoft. Could put it on the platforms page besides "View Trivia" - https://www.mobygames.com/platform/ps2/

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MobyReed (325) on 2/21/2024 11:54 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Thanks, good thoughts / suggestions. Stay tuned!

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Toikka (60) on 2/21/2024 12:55 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

The Steam importer seems broken, returns 503 when trying to import a Steam store page.

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MobyReed (325) on 2/26/2024 8:29 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Is it working for you now?

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Alex Vardr on 3/1/2024 3:08 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Are there any plans to make more alternative payment methods for MobyPro available? I am not able to access a credit card because I have leftovers of student debt and that bars me from getting one. Cash App is also not available anywhere but UK and US. What about PayPal?

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MobyReed (325) on 3/1/2024 6:14 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Yeah, we'll add PayPal support, and will try to get that in soon.

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Alex Vardr on 3/3/2024 12:46 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Much appreciated.