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Pix (1172) on 4/11/2023 9:01 PM · Permalink · Report

Is it definite that this game supports the Incolor card? I can't seem to find any evidence for it. I recently got hold of an Incolor card and have been trying out the supported games but Karateka only runs for me in regular Hercules monochrome. The box and manual make no mention of Incolor support either, only the Hercules Color which is basically CGA. I'm guessing there was some confusion when the specs were uploaded and it's incorrect. Further evidence would be that the Incolor didn't come out until 87, a year later.

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vedder (70993) on 4/11/2023 9:26 PM · Permalink · Report

Incolor was added solely based on the mention of Hercules Color on the back cover, so it was indeed incorrectly added.