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Ghildrean (245) on 9/15/2020 4:31 PM · Permalink · Report

TLDR; Managed to find that the polish version was released in late January 2000 while the dutch version was released in early March 2000.

Long post; I've managed to find some dates about its release date, but I don't want to add or correct anything because it's not exactly solid evidence, just second hand news.

According to the old Lori Central website, the polish version released by L.K. Avalon was released in January, or at least it was already available in late January:

The news where I got that corresponds to January 30th 2000, in which he shows a polish ad they were talking about in a message board (both the ad and the mentioned post are unavailable).

On March 11th 2000:

it says the dutch release is somehow available. I don't know if it is the same version already listed here on MobyGames or it is a different release.