Silent Storm universe

Group Description

The games within the Silent Storm game group are similar to the Jagged Alliance games. The player controls a team of soldiers which is sent into enemy territory. As long as the enemy does not detect the soldiers, you can move and interact with the environment in real-time. However, combat is turn-based where all actors have action-points. Action-points are required for all kinds of actions like moving, shooting or the usage of skills. If an actor runs out of action-points, he is not able to do anything until the next combat round starts.

Beside these tactical part of the game, there are also RPG aspects within the game. Each actor belongs to a class and each class has an own ability-tree. By gathering experience the actors gain new levels and in each level a ability point is provided. The ability point can be used to learn a new ability. In contrast to that, all classes have the same attributes and skills. The skills are increased by just using them. The attributes are linked to the skills, so using a skill will slowly also increase the attribute.

Selected Covers

Hammer & Sickle Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hammer & Sickle
S2: Silent Storm Windows Front Cover
Front cover for S2: Silent Storm

Selected Screenshots

Main menu
Screenshot from Hammer & Sickle
The main menu.
Screenshot from S2: Silent Storm
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