Wizard's Castle variants

Group Description

This game group contains games with similar gameplay to the classic The Wizard's Castle These games are characterized by their mix of board game and roguelike features:

  • Like roguelikes, they are simple single-player, turn-based RPGs, typically dungeon crawls with randomized game play. After character creation, you explore a multi-level dungeon filled with monsters, treasure and helpful items, whose locations randomly vary with each new game.

  • Like board games, and unlike roguelikes, the game plays on a simple rectangular grid of fields which constitute one dungeon level. Just like a chessboard, each field is accessible from any of its neighbors, and there are no rooms or corridors.
This group should not contain board games with some role-playing elements, but without a roguelike's randomness; and it also should not contain roguelikes with well-defined dungeon levels.

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Leygref's Castle
Title screen
Screenshot from The Wizard's Castle
The game starts by showing the game area overlaid with a title screen.
Screenshot from Quenzar's Caverns
Title screen
Screenshot from Mission: Mainframe
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