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Amiga credits (1993)

14 people

RPG Editor, Story, Game Design on Lyramion and Desert Moon Karsten Köper
Production, Game Design on Forest Moon, Graphics Erik Simon
Programming for Amiga and Atari ST, User Interface Jurie Horneman
3D Programming, Intro Sequence Michael Bittner
Graphics, Portraits, 3D Dungeons Thorsten Mutschall
Indoor and Town Graphics Monika Krawinkel
Graphics of Intro Sequence Henk Nieborg
Graphics for Special Situations Tobias Franz
Music Matthias Steinwachs
Editing of Lyramion's Surface Matthias Rieke
Ingame Texts Arnd Kösling
Cover Artwork Dieter Rottermund
Map, Manual Illustrations Michael Hellmich
Manual Harald Uenzelmann
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