Moby ID: 10841

Atari 2600 version

An Addicting and Amusing Game

The Good
My entire family was enchanted by this game, especially my father. It was an amusing illustration of ancient history, combined with a maze/shooter game, which made for enjoyable gameplay.

The Bad
The controls took some getting used to, making sure to press the joystick in the direction you wanted to fire, etc. Graphics were a bit limited. And the "beep-beep" of the explorer walking through the tomb got annoying after a while (especially when I was trying to sleep with my dad playing in the next room).

A further snag....After completing level four, you started over....the only appreciable difference from starting at the very beginning was that any lives/laser flashes used were not returned, You got one extra flash for completing all the levels, but it took me one to get the keys from both dungeon 3 and dungeon 4. Thus, I was using flashes faster than I replenished them, making it impossible for me to complete the fourth dungeon more than twice (when I got to that door a third time, I did not have the key).

The Bottom Line
Interesting way to learn history and have fun at the same time

by Josh Cating (5) on May 13th, 2008

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