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Perhaps My Least Favorite Game Ever. Sucks Eggs.

The Good
Almost nothing. The music / audio was good, I suppose. The voice acting teetered between good and hammed up. And believe me, I'm stretching with this. It's hard to come up with anything positive.

The Bad
Just about everything.

Graphics: sucks. Game play: sucks. Fighting: monotonous. Levels: tedious. The world is highly non-interactive. Physics engine: sucks. Windows and gas tanks are just about the only thing you can interact with (by breaking/blowing them up).

The only other games that I may like less than this would be the Blair Witch trilogy of games. Maybe. This may or may not be worse; at least the Blair Witch games have better graphics.

Oh, and to top it all off, it's one of those stupid "save point" games. You can't save your games until you hit certain points within the game. I hate that!

The Bottom Line
Some people focus on the violence in the game. Meh. I suppose there's some, but honestly, you're watching the same scenes over and over and over. You behead someone with a sword vs beheading them with a knife vs beheading them with a baseball bat. I pretty much got de-sensitized to the violence. Once that happens, there's really no point to the game. There is waaaaaaaay more gore and violence in a game like Doom 3. I really don't understand what people are yapping about with the gore in this game. Meh.

The game is boring. You pretty much sneak around slowly because fighting out in the open will get you killed quickly. It's a slow paced game.

The cursing? Meh. I love cursing, but this was too much. The great thing about cursing is that they're special words that you only use sparingly, so when you drop an F-bomb, it really means something. It accentuates a point. When the F-bomb is dropped on every other word you say, it kind of loses its potency. You get desensitized to it.

I really do NOT understand the other reviews -- I absolutely concur with the only other user submitted negative review by "ganjathief": I couldn't recommend this game to anyone. Not even Charles Manson.

If you have a 2 year old, perhaps you could use this game to put them to sleep because it is long and booooring. Booooring!

This game is boring and pointless. Keep away!

by null-geodesic (106) on December 8th, 2010

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