aka: Labyrinth: The Computer Game
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Apple II version

"I've brought you a gift"

The Good
This game was pretty cool for being made in 1986. The graphics are so much better than the games Sierra were producing at the time. The game has an easy to use interface and allows you to play as yourself, not as Jennifer Connelly. The game starts out as you seeing a preview for Labyrinth at home on your T.V. So you decide to go see it, but when it starts, Jareth (the bad guy played by David Bowie) sucks you in and gives you thirteen hours to get to the center of the Labyrinth and vanquish him.

The Bad
There is a list of bad things though. First, the game starts out as a text adventure. This may turn players away. Second, the game doesn't follow the movie. No baby's get wished away or nothing (and you don't play as Jennifer Connelly either. You play as yourself). Third, the game is pretty hard to find (and even if you do find it the floppy disk would probably be so old you couldn't play it, because the inside would be all eaten away. You can play the game at though (that is were I played it). And last, the music. The only time you here David Bowie music (or music at all) is at the title screen.

The Bottom Line
This game is fun and shows the movie Labyrinth in a whole other way. So if you enjoyed the movie you will love Labyrinth: The Computer Game.

by Alex Misiti (103) on January 1st, 2006

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