Hypnospace Outlaw

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Windows credits (2019)

1,339 people (36 professional roles, 1,303 thanks) with 1,353 credits.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Lead Designer
Narrative Designer
Occasional Rapper
Additional Programming
Community Manager
Fictional Middle-Manager
  • No More Robots
"The Chowder Man" Music and Likeness
KLYFTA Pieces Composed & Produced by
ZARED Music by
Glamocaster/Glamoplasm Music by
Seepage Music by
RealSalve Music by
Kevv-J/Squisherz Raps by
Holoangel Music by
The Motivator Music by
  • Ratavder
Kavernous Music by
Guttaural Music by
Fre3zer/Basidia/Arcelo/Sacredspace Music by
Nativity Costume (2000 New Years Eve) Originally Written by
  • Half-Handed Cloud
Difficulty Boy/Unicorn Company/Syringe Culture Music by
Various Original Animations Contributed by
ZARED Likeness
ARTIE Likeness
ADRIAN Likeness
DYLAN Likeness
DarkTwilightTiff Likeness
Tamara Likeness
Tim Likeness
Weird Car Drawings with Faces by
Gooper 'Kids' Art by
Meow Voice Samples by
Intro Video Hypnospace Headband Model by
SteveGuy Sound Effects and Likeness

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