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Boom! Tanks

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iPhone credits (2013)

68 people (63 professional roles, 5 thanks)


In memory of Arron Westley

Digital Development

Chief Game Designer Adam Mottram, Carl Johnson
Producer Andrew Kinzett, Marco Vernetti
Experienced Game Designer Brett Collins, Faye Windsor-Smith, Johnathan Wallbank
Senior Artist Chris Gilliver, David Grant, Katharina Juraschek, Keith LeClezio
Experienced Programmer Dawid Chemloul, Iain Stanford, Neil Armitage, Oliver Nelson
Senior Programmer Giles Park, Rod Mack
Art Director Ian Palmer
Lead Artist James Roadley-Battin
Senior (Group Lead) Programmer Jeremy Burgess, Pierre Gufler
Director, Studio James Brown
Chief Audio Designer John Davies
Artist Lionel Wood, Thomas Lawson
Experienced Artist Richard Stevens, Robert Baker, Ryan Judge, Wai Keen Lam
Executive Producer Robert Elser
Senior Game Designer Tom Gleadall


Product Manager Bevan Davies
Community Manager Ben Walke, Lee Williams, Luke Spring
Senior Graphic Designer David Alcock
VP Digital Business Gary Rowe
Business Intelligence Manager Mehroo Sayed
Director Licensing & Merchandising Peter Hansen-Chambers
Senior Video Editor Samantha Hatton-Brown
Director Community Relations Samantha Russell
Creative Services Manager Wesley Strange

Quality Assurance

Experienced QA Technician Adam Johnson, Arron Westley, Jason Lamplough
QA Technician Dale Walsh, Luke Stephenson, Mark Jonathan Roberts, Shamsher Panesar, Tom Cassisi
Localisation Lead Daniel Flanagan
QA Director Eddy Di Luccio
Loc. Experienced Technician Frederick Weichmann, Jean-Yves Betton, Samuel Fiunte Matarredona, Valentina Colombo
Senior QA Technician Gabriel Fernando Daza Mora, Thomas Quartly
Functional QA Manager Jonathon Bosworth
QA Team Leader Paul Smith


Special Thanks Codemasters IT department, Michael Harman, Simon Nevill, Universally Speaking
© 2013 The Codemasters Software Company Limited
Created with Unity Unity Technologies
Audio powered by Fabric
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