Emergency 2016

Moby ID: 132733

Windows credits (2015)

40 people with 47 credits.

Idea Ralph Stock
Executive Producer Ralph Stock
Head of Programming Andreas Epple
Lead Game Design Kevin Massierer
Lead Programming Florian Wendel, Christian Ofenberg
Lead Artist Daniel Töpfer
Lead Tester Martina Beyer
Game Design Martin Jaekel, Sven Kirsch
Concept Design Kevin Massierer
Programming Christoffer Anselm, Julius Müller, Mathias Kaiser, Oliver Iking, Sebastian Meisel, Stephan Wezel, Tobias Ladurner
Game Balancing Kevin Massierer
Art Christian Kind, Christian Mauck, Hassan Mehanna, Julius Peters, Rafael Hack, Wiebke Scholz
Game Cinematics Christian Mauck, Tatiana Belova
Level Design Adrian Kästorf, Christian Mauck, Tatiana Belova
3D Art by Polygon Fabrik, Respect Studios
Quality Assurance Deniz Bagdadi, Julia Bahner, Lili Werner, Nico Schrader, Tobias Lächele
Beta Testing Andreas Feichtner, Bram Lodewijk, Michael Perlinger, Phillip Thaben, Niklas Wetjen
Sound Design Christian Mauck
Localization ANAKAN GmbH - Berlin
Voice Recordings ANAKAN GmbH
IT Administration Torsten Münchhausen
Office Administration Gabriele Reichel
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