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aka: Yakin Jiken
Moby ID: 145366

Windows version

Creepy but underwhelming

The Good
First of all, I really liked the game's atmosphere - the overall feeling of isolation, the world's sparsity, the creepy walks through a seemingly empty town, the combination of analogue and digital technology malfunctioning. All of that is in its right place and works together pretty well.

The graphics definitely do their job, adding a really interesting lo-fi vibe to the whole thing.

The Bad
Unfortunately, the actively scary aspects - although not particularly jumpscare-reliant - feel disjointed and generally out-of-nowhere, without being quite abrasive or disturbing enough to make up for that. The mix of various J-horror tropes seems stitched together a bit chaotically and while some scenes are genuinely scary, the overall effect is really underwhelming.

A pretty big downside on the technical side is the lack of a save feature.

The Bottom Line
An uneven game switching between genuinely creepy atmosphere and forced jumpscares. 5/10

by Pegarange (301) on April 13, 2023

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