The Pandora Directive

aka: Pandora Akte, Die, Pandora Device, Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive
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DOS credits (1996)

76 people (72 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 87 credits.

Starring Barry Corbin, Kevin McCarthy, Tanya Roberts, John Agar, Nicole Tindall, Suzanne Barnes, Chris Jones (as Tex Murphy)
Co-Starring Steven Barnes, William Bradshaw, Wayne Brennan, Sterling Brimley, Ralph Celli, Chris Conners, Marcia Dangerfield, Randall Edwards, Curly Green, Catherine Hammons, Kevin L. Jones, Pearl Leidy, John Timmons, Douglas Vandegrift
Movie Sequences Edited & Directed by Adrian Carr
Interactive Movie Produced by Chris Jones
Designed by Chris Jones, Aaron Conners
Based on the Novel by Aaron Conners
Art Direction Neil Galloway, Nathan Larsen
SGI Computer Graphics Produced by Nathan Larsen
Artists Brian Johnson, Brandon Wright, Allen Brockbank, David Wright
Storyboard Director Neil Galloway
Technical Director David Curtin
Cinematography David F. Brown
Lighting Director Jon Clark
Sound Design Jon Clark
Production Consultant/Casting Catrine McGregor
Programming Bruce Ward, Mark Snow, Linda Ward, Richard Moore, Jeff Harward
Virtual World Engine Paul Johnston, Brian Stringham
Video/Sound Compression Paul Johnston, Travis Driscoll
Windows Programming Mark McArthur, Matt Dawson
Video Compositing Mark Hulka, Jason Lutes
Video Editing Laura Linton
Virtual World Construction Les Oswald, Dave Wilson, Matt Dazley, Paul Johnson, Beau Anderson, Mike Yurth
Package and Poster Design James H. Fedor, Darren Steele
Photography Zeke McCabe
Quality Control Steven Wynn, George Manousakis, Perham Mohadjer
Research/Narration Kevin L. Jones
Motion Picture Score Third Ear Productions
Original Song "Tex's Lament" Performed by Richie Havens
Original Song "Tex's Lament" Produced by Bernard Fox
Original Song "Body and Soul" Performed by Nicole Tindall
Additional Music D. J. Shelton
Screenplay Aaron Conners, Scott Yagemann
Stunt Coordinator Don Shanks
Stunts Don Shanks, Chris Camilleri, Tom Proctor
Make-Up/Wardrobe Pamela Johnson, Kay Toney
Special Effects Make-Up Denver K. Robbins, DKR Industries
Carpentry/Boom Operator Brad Henry
Catering Viking's Feast
A Special Thanks to Redman Movies & Stories, Mark Johnson (Primative Instruments -didjeridoo-), Bernard Fox, Ray Carlson (Mountain West Stagecraft)
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