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Pokémon LeafGreen Version

aka: Pocket Monsters LeafGreen, Pokémon Blattgrüne Edition, Pokémon Verde Foglia, Pokémon Verde Hoja, Pokémon Vert Feuille
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Game Boy Advance version

Another remake of a classic on the GBA? Yes! But one of the better ones.

The Good
Off course it's still the "Gotta catch em all!" and "become the best trainer" formula, but that remains fun. Now that you can link up with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, LeafGreen, FireRed and Colosseum, you really are able to get a LOT of Pokémon in each of these games, so that some veterans of the series may still like this. You start with nothing not even a Pokémon but you will soon obtain your first one from Professor Oak. The main quest is still mostly the same but some confusing things have been worked out better and some things have also been changed so that they fit well with recent titles. Another great new feature is the Sevii Islands, a new region that is not as big as others in the series but it still is fun. You can only reach this area if you become the champion which is more challenging than ever, but it's very rewarding since there are some Pokémon not obtainable previously on GBA and NGC. The graphics are colorful but simple but OK if you consider how deep and complex the rest of the game is if you look just a bit further than just the craze for kids a few years ago. The menus and world map are looking clear and you know what to do. You can even call up a great help system. Also the trainers and Pokémon look better than in previous games. Another neat addition is the new way of linking via the Wireless Adapter is a great step forward in the complex multiplayer of Pokémon. This really helps making it still one of the game's best parts.

The Bad
It's a bit of a letdown if you played the original GB version if you can also buy the other GBA versions which are set in a new world with Pokémon not seen before.

The Bottom Line
If you have not played the original yet, however (poor soul) than this game is your change to experience this brilliant RPG and be amazed by the classic adventure were it all began and it's complex battle system. Gotta catch em all! PIKA-CHU!

by Rensch (203) on August 16th, 2006

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