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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Falsebound Kingdom

aka: Yu-Gi-Oh!: El Salto del Reino Animal, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Il Regno dell'Illusione, Yu-Gi-Oh!: K├Ânigreich der Illusionen, Yu-Gi-Oh!: L'Empire des Illusions
Moby ID: 14912

GameCube credits (2002)

43 people with 62 credits.

Original Character Design
Original Monster Design
Scenario Drafts
Executive Producer
  • Truth
Game Design
  • Truth
  • Truth
Programming Director
  • Jun
Story Programming
Field Programming
Special Effects Programming
Art Work Director
Monster Modeling & Motion
Monster Base Artwork
Game Parts Graphics
Field Design
3D Stage Graphics
Special Effects Graphics
Event Visuals
Opening Movie
Sound Effects
Sound Program
Product Design
Monster Modeling Collaboration
  • XAX Entertainment Inc.
Shueisha - Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department
Shueisha - VJump Editorial Department
Shueisha - Comic Media Editorial Department
Nelke Planning
Konami Corporation
Konami Marketing, Inc.
General Director
  • Konami Computer Entertainment Japan East
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Credits contributed by Rik Hideto, Kabushi.