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Windows credits (2020)

45 people (34 professional roles, 11 thanks) with 48 credits.

Dumpy & Bumpy

Programming Programancer (@Programancer)
Art Programancer (@Programancer)
Music Programancer (@Programancer)
Design Programancer (@Programancer)
Supporting Art and Cleanup Jordan Chewning (@Jordizzle)
Published by Screenwave Media Xander Arnot, Sam Beddoes, David Riggs, Ryan Schott, Tara Tomaino, Newton Wallen
Translations by LocalizeDirect
Patreon Producers Aloehart, Colbydude, Laurent Crouzet, Skid Vis, NeedlesD, A Robot Named Fight, Kyle, Arito, Vinchont, Brannon Mullins, Adam Small, Ed Gallagher, Jack Packard, Danny Enhance, Aurora Valentine, Hunter F Kennoy, Jirard Khalil, Guillermo Alvarez, PowerNapMap, Frank Celona
Tools and Extensions Game Maker Studio 2, Aseprite, Famitracker, Vadim Dyachenko (Execute Shell Simple (as YellowAfterlife)), eishiya (LandPixel)
A Very Special Thanks To Mom, Dad, Troy, Lisa, Sponge, Pretzel, Tem, Michael Lambert (@wtfmig), Vinny, SubterraneanExhibit (@SubterraneanExhibit), My Patreon Supporters
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